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Warmer weather is here... and it seems that Lil Man can't stay away from the water hose. Every time we look around, he seems to be playing in water. Which is fine ... except.... when he's wearing his tennis shoes that I wasn't planning on him getting wet. Because I'm not a fair weather runner and will run in all types of weather, I know first hand that it can take awhile for shoes to dry. I have always just stuffed them with newspaper, and then continuously changed out the paper as the paper got wet. But it would usually take at least a day for my shoes to dry (especially if they were soaking wet). And they always smell.

But I want to tell you about the NuVent Boot and Shoe Dryer.

Check this out!
You can dry not one but 2 pairs of shoes at once. And it has a timer!  So basically I can set it and forget about it as it dries my shoes. And there are several settings for the timer; so there are a lot of options. You can also use it without a timer if you want to manually turn it off.

If you are drying one pair of shoes, there are covers to cover the extra holes so that it will decrease the dry time. 

How did it work? I love it. Lil Man got his tennis shoes soaked, and I mean soaked. I put them on the dryer, set the timer, went about doing all of the other things that needed to be done, and when the NuVent Boot and Shoe Dryer turned off, his shoes were dry. 

It might have been my imagination, but it seemed as if they smelled better also. I feel that this will extend the life of our shoes. I am well pleased with the NuVent Boot and Shoe dryer. It is a welcome addition to our house! 

Don't put up with wet smelly shoes any longer... check out the NuVent Boot and Shoe Dryer. 

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