#FitFridayConfessions - Food Is Fuel Not Just Calories

This #FitFridayConfessions - Food Is Fuel Not Just Calories is something that's taking me a little while to wrap my head around. The concept is really simple, but I have been programmed for so long to think of food as calories instead of fuel.

When I fill up my car with gasoline, I don't think "Ok, I just put 5 gallons in, let me drive drive drive to use it all up. Instead, I put fuel in my car to get me where I need to go." Yet with food I think "I ate 'X' so I need to exercise X amount of minutes to burn off the food (calories) that I just ate." I see food as something earned or something to be avoided.

Instead, I should be thinking how food is fuel, and how our bodies need fuel to function (just like cars). And like cars, if we use the wrong fuel, or if it's contaminated, we can do damage to the engine.

So I'm trying to reprogram my thinking - for me, it's personally hard not to think calories in verses calories out, but instead to think of food as fuel for my body. I'm learning that I need to choose the best fuel for the best performance (and I don't mean with just running/exercise/lifting) but for life.

How are you fueling your body?
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  1. I"ve increased my protein intake over the past year, and that seems to help a ton!


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