#LJFitChallenge - April Update

Back in February, I began the #LJFitChallenge (Let The Fun Begin), and I got a little derailed in March with the hamstring being tender. And I've had to skip some of the squats and jumps to let the hamstring recover. In other words, I've modified the workouts to meet my needs - which I think is super important to do with any workout. I always tried to do workouts in challenges like this one exactly as they are instructed, but I know from past experience that listening to my body is important.

(On a side note, when working with a trainer (as I am) or doing any type of exercise on your own or a group class, it's always wise to listen to your body. With my trainer, this week I told her my knee was sore, and she immediately modified the exercise to relieve the pain. I could have continued to perform the exercise as instructed, and in the past I would have, but I've learned through this injury. Instead, I stopped, and we modified. She was able to get the same results - just in a different way. So please if you need to 'modify' something, don't feel as if you are doing less, instead you are doing it in a different way).

So I've modified this last set of exercises with the #LJFitChallenge. As I get stronger, and as the hamstring heals, I plan to redo the challenge - hopefully with less modifications. One thing that's so great about the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge is that I control the intensity - and I can do them anywhere - even this Summer on vacation.

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I'm still a long way from reaching my goals (physically, with nutrition, and emotionally), but I am starting to see some progress!

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