It's Your Run - Make it Your own

This is something that I needed to remind myself. Often times I let myself get caught up in what others are doing. (For example - signing up for races because others are doing it).

I did that recently. I signed up for a race because friends were running it. Plans changed and I found myself (for the most part) solo. My hamstring wasn't 100% happy with me (feeling some pain with walking), my feelings were hurt that what I thought was going to be a day with friends was turning out to be a day of me being 'alone' at a race I could really care less about running.

I had hoped packet pickup would spark some excitement - instead it was more dread - getting up super early - standing around solo while waiting for the race to start or the vain attempt that I'll be able to find people I know - dealing with traffic after the race. So for the first time ever, I decided to bail on a race 'just because'.

And hopefully it will be a lesson learned that running is personal - people run for their own personal reasons - and I need to run for my own personal reasons not others.

My running is my mine and I plan to own it - whether it's a race to try to PR, a fun run just because, a trail run, an impromptu run, a run with no planned pace or distance - regardless it's my run and I plan to own it.

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