#FitFridayConfessions - Size Matters

#FitFridayConfessions - Size matters..... as Easter is just around the corner, I decided I needed to face the reality of what I was going to wear. While Lil Man was occupied, I decided to take a look into the closet. The skirt that I tried wouldn't slide over my thighs. Sigh.

I found a dress that looked like it might work. I got into it (this might work), but as I began to zip it, it got stuck (maybe if I can just get past this buldge it will zip up). So I pulled it up a little farther (oh lawd, I think I'm stuck. I can't breathe. I can't breathe). How am I going to try to instruct my 4 year old on how to help me get out of this thing? After a lot of jumping, wiggling and jiggling I was able to get myself free.

As I stared at the closet I though, maybe I could do a cleanse? You know, one of those 3 day things, a broth and grapefruit diet, something like that just so I can fit into something. Stop! Stop! Stop! The reality is I've gained weight. I'm not bloated. I'm not retaining water. The closet doesn't lie. I have put on weight, and some weird extreme drop x amount of pounds in so many days is a temporary fix to a bigger (no pun intended) problem.

I'm looking for a life long lifestyle change that works for me! And I'm focusing on size - portion size that is. Because the reality is, there is always a holiday, a birthday, a special outing, a play date, an amusement park, or a boring day at home. Instead of trying to avoid all sweets/processed food, my goal is to eat a smaller portion. (Share a treat, eat half, save the other half for later - you get the idea) And I really need to work on stress eating (but that's another post).

But portion size is important (even when it comes to healthy food). Here is a nice reference guide.

I would not consider this week a success with food. Hubby was out of town, I didn't to any cooking, we ate out, and I was stressed. But here is my log. This is a journey and a work in progress! 

Friday: Today’s food could have been better, but I didn't plan accordingly. I hate a spinach and Feta Croissant, a small flavored coffee, ice cream and baguette bread. I did get in a 4 Mile Run and some upper body weight.

Saturday: Overall mostly ‘clean’ foods with the exception of a teaspoon of ranch, a cupcake (from a kid’s bday party), and ice cream. If I am eating processed foods, I am really trying to pay attention to my portion sizes.

Sunday:  Most of my food today was NOT healthy. I had ¾ of a bag of chips after the 10 mile race, a burger and fries post race with some popcorn and lots of ice cream with the family in the evening.

Monday:  Overall a decent day except a few bites of sweets at preschool and some chocolate covered pretzels.

Tuesday: Bacon biscuit, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, organic chocolate chip cookies

Wednesday – Baguette bread, ranch dressing and ice cream.

Thursday - Broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl, and more than one serving of chocolate (macadamia nut hershey kisses, hershey bar, kit kat and peppermint patties).

Although I can't say that this week was a 'success' in my book, I can say that I am learning, and I feel that I can put that knowledge to good use.

How did you do this week with your goals?

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  1. I need to steal the chart. I get carried away with portion sizes. Although I think if I put two pieces of pasta on a plate it is going to be bigger than the front of my fist.

    1. I know that I always eat WAY too much pasta!

  2. Okay I love this chart and will seriously be using it. It really is in the portions we eat I believe and not just what we eat. I have gained at least 10 lbs. since trying to quit smoking. FYI Chantax does work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Congrats on quitting smoking!! That's awesome!


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