When Your Run Doesn't Go As Planned

Some runs just don't turn out the way that you that want them to. Today was one of those days. The temp was 3, but there wasn't any wind. So it wasn't unbearable. My eyelashes did freeze together which was a first for me.

My goal was an 8 mile run since I'm running a 10 mile race on March 29. By mile 2 I knew this run was going to be a struggle. At mile 3, I wanted to turn and head back. But I talked myself into going farther. I made it to 4 and turned for my 4 mile return.

At mile 5, my stomach said no, and my hamstring started to protest. I turned
to go the longer way home so that I could get my 8 miles, but my stomach protested again and the hammy yelled louder. So I took the shorter route home.
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I wound up with 7 miles instead of 8.

I walked more than I had wanted, and I'm a little concerned that the hamstring is still so tender even now. It wasn't severe pain, but it was really starting to get tender. And I've had some discomfort with walking the rest of the day. I have my compression sleeve on, will foam roll tonight, and take a (hopefully) long soak in mineral salts.

I was really hoping for a great feeling liberating 8 miles today, but you know sometimes runs just don't turn out the way that you imagined them to be. But while I was out there, literally freezing my body parts together, I set some goals for myself.

I live where there are lots of hills, and there are two hills, and one running route in particular that get me every time. My goal is before the end of summer to be able to run those routes without walking. Those who might be familiar with the area, I'm talking about McKelvey road, Miller Road, and Red Hill. As long as the hamstring holds out, that's my goal for the Summer.

Although today didn't go as planned, I'm proud of myself for getting out there and attempting this run. I'm happy that I got in 7 out of 8 miles.

But I am the happiest about the fact that I didn't let it get me down. In previous years I would have gone home defeated, doubting my running ability, wondering if I would ever reach my goals. Today, well today, I walked in the door satisfied that I got in 7 extremely ugly miles.

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  1. Tendonitis is a tough thing...you think it's gone and it flares up again. Just ice it and roll it out. You'll be ok.

    1. Thanks.. still tender today but no pain so that's good!

  2. Honestly - you put the miles in even if you are 1 mile short. GOOD JOB!


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