When It's Time For Professional Help

Well, the hammy is still not 100% well, but it's improving. In fact, I was able to do a little speed work this past week. I do have the need for speed. I'd rather do speed work and mile repeats any day over any type of run. I love the challenge, and I love the rush especially if I hit my pace.

I had planned on doing 3 (1) mile repeats, but decided to just do 2 to test how the hammy handled it. I was a little sore, but no pain. I'm considering that success. 

But, I'm finding that I'm dealing with muscle imbalance like I did at the end of 2013 when I had my calf tear (Injury Update - MRI results). And the more I heal, the more muscle I'm rebuilding, but I know I'm overcompensating on my form due to the imbalance. So I reached out to
Elizabeth at Personal Design Fitness. She helped me last time, and I feel confident that she will help me again to regain strength and mobility all while getting stronger.

Also, I'm fed up with my body at the moment. I turn 42 this week, and I know partly that my birthday has something to do with that. But I've said for years that I would like to develop a strength routine and stick to it. I have yet to do that.  So I'm hoping that working with Elizabeth will help me get into a routine and that I'll stick with it! 

I'm looking forward to correcting my muscle imbalances, building some muscle tone, and getting stronger! I'm planning on working hard to make 42 my fitness year! 

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