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#TuesdayTidbit - Finding The Right Shoe

Today's #TuesdayTibit - shoes!

I have worn Asics my entire running life. It was the first shoe that I was fitted with, and well, I suppose it's worked for me all of these years.

Several years ago, they changed the model as they usually do every year. And that model did not work for me. The fit was off. The feel was off. Everything was off.

Thankfully, I was able to find the older model online, and I purchased 4 pairs of shoes. At the end of last year, probably around September, I needed new shoes. It's March, and I'm still wearing the same shoes. My knees are starting to bother me, along with my left arch. So I knew it was time to find a new pair.

I went to the local running store and got fitted. I tried on the newest version of the Asics which had changed a lot. They seemed 'ok', but nothing to write home about. I also tried on several different models and settled on my first pair of Brooks. I got the Brooks Ravenna 6. Time will tell if they are my new favorite running shoe.

But I wanted to give you a few tips when it comes to finding the running shoe for you.

Know Your Feet
It would be helpful if you know your foot position (Pronation vs Supination). What type of arch do you have? (high, normal, flat)
    Get Fitted If Possible
    I know everyone doesn't have a running store nearby where you can be professionally fitted.  But if you are within driving distance, I suggest getting professionally fitted. It has really helped me in the past. What may work for one person may not work for you. There are many different types of shoes, and I have found that having someone help me determine which shoe I need has been helpful. 

    Try On The Shoe and Go For A Short Test Run
    Yes, I was that crazy lady today running up and down the strip mall. But simply trying on a shoe doesn't tell me whether it would work for me. I have to say, I am so glad that I tested out shoes today. I tried on the Asics and it felt ok, but when I ran in it, my knee immediately started bugging me. I tried the older model. It felt better, but didn't feel exactly the way that I wanted to. When I tried on the Brooks, they felt better than the others. Of course, until I go for a real run, I won't know for sure, but at least I was able to test run them to get a better idea. 

    Don't Be Afraid to Branch Out
    Just because you've always worn a certain brand, doesn't mean that brand will always work for you. Models change. Don't be afraid to test out other brands and models to find the right fit for you. 

    Know The Return Policy
    Not all shoes can be returned. Not all shoes can be worn and then returned. It's always best to know the return policy before purchasing a pair of running shoes. You don't want to get stuck with a pair of shoes that you truly just can't wear.

    Do you have any tips on finding the right running shoe? Have you ever worn a shoe that caused you injury?

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    1. Finding the right shoe is so importan for runners. I had to change up my running shoes as I got better at running longer distances. I also went a full size up after I had my daughter then back down a few months later. I will be getting fitted for new shoes once again after I have my 2nd baby in May. Great tips.

    2. Having the right kind of shoe to use when running or walking is very important. Thank you so much for these tips.

      I have three sets of work out shoes which I use for different activities. Today, I got the chance to wear my running shoes again when I went for my walk.

    3. I love the colors of that trainer! So bright and pretty. And yes, always good to know the return policy since shoes can be fickle to fit properly once taken home!

    4. It's great to have a shoe that works for you. I always have to out out the inserts since I get custom orthotics made for flat feet. It helps to keep my knees from hurting from the orientation of the leg and foot. The great thing is, if you have a pair of shoes you like and the soles are quality, then replacing the orthitics occasionally keeps them in tip top shape.

    5. I went to a local running store to be fitted for shoes and it made all the difference in my runs!! I tried a different shoe and oh the leg pain that I had. Mine need to be replaced here soon and I plan to go back for another fitting from them! Great advice!

    6. I stick with the same model that I've worn for years. They better not change them. What would I pick?

      1. I wish my model would stay the same! It changes every year it seems, and some changes are small. But the last changes were huge. I'm not sure the Brooks are going to work for me. And when I'm already dealing with nagging soreness here and there, it doesn't make it easy finding a new shoe.

    7. i just finished my graduation so now because i have lots of time free until i get a job i go out for running and some workout. i di need these shoese.its important to get the right shoese.. i have seen many times that if the shoese is not good it can cause pain after u walk or run.

    8. I didn't realize there were so many insights into running shoes. I'm not much of a runner, so I've never thought about how my shoes relate to my knees during exercise. if I ever start running regularly, then I'll take your advice and get fitted for a great shoe. Thank you!

    9. I'm not a runner ... not for now anyway. but I think maybe I should do this for my walking shoes. My knee bothers me at times when I'm walking. This might just be the reason.

    10. I'm not a runner ... not for now anyway. but I think maybe I should do this for my walking shoes. My knee bothers me at times when I'm walking. This might just be the reason.

    11. This post comes in perfect timing for me as I'm about to get back on my exercising routine since its warning up outside. I love running and I'll definitely try your tips except running around in it but that's way more practical than just standing

    12. It's great and lucky for you to find the perfect shoes! I don't know about others but I don't prefer buying shoes online. The designs may be really visible based on clear pictures that go with 360 degrees angle. However, fitting the shoes in physically is still a different experience.

    13. Thank you for this guide! I have always been a fan of the swoosh sneaker, however as I really begin to train and have the craving to run a race I am beginning to think it is not the shoe for the job.


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