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My Personal Experience With Shakeology

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This NOT a sponsored post. I did NOT receive this product free of charge. This post is NOT associated with Beachbody /Shakeology. I am NOT a coach. 

I simply wanted to share with you my thoughts on Shakeology. When I was looking into trying it, I wanted information from someone who was using the product who wasn't trying to sell me the product. So I thought I would put that information out there.

First of all, Shakeology is ridiculously expensive, and I have to justify spending the money on it. But, it's about the price of one sugary latte, or a shake from the gym (Think Before You Drink That Protein Shake), or a fast food meal. So if you trade one of those things for a Shakeology shake then monetary wise it's the same. (Yes, this is how I justified spending the money when I was convincing Hubby I wanted to buy Shakeology). However, the ingredients aren't the same - not even close.

I'm not going to go into all of the ingredients. For a detailed list, you can check out Beachbody's Website. But the cliff notes version is (in my unprofessional opinion) that it seems to be healthier than some of the other options out there. I like that it contains pre and probiotics. I like the B vitamins included. (100% DV of B1, 76% DV of B2, and 100% DV of B6). I like that it's not super high in protein, and that it does contain several vitamins.

I think getting your vitamins by eating food is always best. I am not one to promote supplements, but the truth is that I don't always eat enough of the foods that contain the vitamins that I need. So if I can get them in a delicious shake, I'll take that route.

And Lil Man and I love the taste. He actually asks me not to put coffee in it so he can 'share' with me. I only let him have a few sips. (I'm not real comfortable letting him drink protein/supplement shakes). But we both love the taste.

My favorite way to drink Shakeology is with a frozen banana, a teaspoon of peanut butter (or PB2), and a little coffee. I add in ice and blend it in the blender to make it thicker. Lately, I'm adding in oats. I have tried oatmeal in various forms, and I just can't seem to eat it. So I started with half a serving, now up to a full serving in my Shakeology shake, and I like it.

If I add in extras, I will use the Shakeology shake for my meal. The powder itself contains 160 calories. By the time I add in the extras, there are enough calories and nutrients (in my opinion) for a meal. I will also drink Shakeology post workout. If I'm home I'll add ice and put it in the blender.
 If I'm on the go, I'll simply just add water (or cold black coffee) to a shaker and that's it.

So there you have it.

Do you drink Shakeology? Do you drink protein or supplement shakes? What's your thoughts?

*affiliate links

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  1. I have not tried this but I use plenty of protein powder in many of the ways you described. I find it repellent when Beachbody people send me direct messages on IG, Twitter and FB hawking the stuff.

    1. Yeah, I'm not too happy to get the direct messages either.. or the ones for the wraps!

  2. My son and I are looking for a chocolate protein powder. We've been drinking Bolthouse Farms chocolate protein drink and it is ridiculously expensive. But I don't know that this is the one for me...thinking about Vega sport...

    1. I like Bolthouse too :) But yeah it's expensive also. Let me know if you try Vega sport and what you think.

  3. I've been drinking Shakeology almost daily for 3 years. I signed up as a BB coach mostly to get it at a discount, but also to get new workouts at a discount. My 5 year old would have a kid sized serving every day if I'd let him do it as he loves the taste (so long as I don't put PB in for him.) Like you, I find that the nutrition is better than many other options available. (And, I'm not sharing my coach status for any thing beyond transparency....I get IG and FB follows messages from tons of direct sales people and hate it, too. Ironically, if I post a pic of Shakeology on IG I get coaches I don't know reaching out. I haven't worked that business in over a year as I can't stand the thought of being off putting to anyone.)

    My teen has started using protein powder as part of his method to bulk up. His research led him to Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard. My husband has started using the Vanilla one which we picked up at Costco. I've used that as a snack after a vigorous workout, but will admit that I don't find it to be as filling for me compared to Shakeology (which I do use as a meal replacement with some add ins.) However, it is FAR cheaper if you're just looking for a source of protein.

    1. Hmmm... maybe I should look into being a coach for the discount. And I agree, I find the Shakeology to be very filling most of the time.

    2. It isn't a huge savings each month as there is a coaching fee. But, I still save a little each month as I don't pay for the Team Beachbody membership and then have the option to have people purchase from me. As much as I love the company, I'm just not the natural sales person to make that part work well right now.


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