Is Your Core Holding You Back?

My stomach is the main area on my body that I dislike. It's the first place that I look when I see myself in the mirror. It's the first place that I look when I see a photo. It's the place that I'm always trying to hide or camouflage. I had a tummy before I had my son. I have an even bigger tummy now that I've put on an additional 10lbs. I'm working on losing the weight, or more so just getting healthy and ditching the scale (but that's another post). 

So this post isn't so much about losing belly fat, but about strengthening your core. See, I have a weak core. How do I know this? I've been injured more times than I care to count. True, there are other circumstances that also contributed to my injures, but the root, the real root of the problem has been my weak core (and hip) area. It's an area that I hate to work, and it is requiring a lot encouragement on my part to get the workouts in. I'm doing the #LJFitChallenge, and a lot of the workouts are core related.

I'm 4 weeks into the challenge, and I haven't noticed any visible differences yet.  (I think this is due to my nutrition still being unhealthy.) But I am noticing a difference in my strength, although the walkouts are still my least favorite along with the burpees.

Here are some great core exercises that I'm trying to incorporate into my routine daily or at least most days out of the week.

The Plank 

I started with 30 seconds, and I'm gradually working my way up to 2 minutes. Next week I'm going to start incorporating side planks in addition to regular planks. 

The Burpee 

I still struggle with burpees. They get me winded, and for me they are extremely hard to do. Next week I plan to do some push-up burpees in addition to the ones pictured above. I started with 2 sets of 12, and now I'm up to 3 sets of 15. 

Walk Out Planks / Downward Dog Walk Out 

These get me every time. I was so surprised at just how much I struggled with this seeming simple exercise. 

Bird Dog

This one is easy for me; so I must be doing it wrong. ;) 

Last but not least, Push-ups 

As I'm getting stronger, and the exercises become easier, I'm adding in modifications to mix it up and make them more difficult

I'm tired of my core holding me back. Are you? Are you faithful to work your core? Is there another part of your body that you hate to work and seem to neglect? 

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  1. My core is my nemesis. A lot of what my trainer has me do is a lot of core. I've gotten so much stronger. But it's a work in progress. I've always had a tummy too...

    1. I think I will ALWAYS have a tummy... I detest core work but did mine today!

  2. These are some exercise that I did but not regularly although I do planks almost everyday. I can't however, do it with a baby in my back lol. I don't think my back could hold the weight but then again, I have never tried doing it with a baby.

  3. I need to do more of these types of exercises. I really have gotten way off my game. I love the saying "will run for ice cream!" of course, but I try to run as often as I can which hasn't been much lately.

    My back is so bad, I should try thay with my little one. I often pull it and get terrible pains, but I'm sure more work will help!

  4. I would love to try these exercises, but I can't due to my back injuries and failed back surgery. My daughter has been looking for some to do to lose her "baby fat" before she conceives again. I'll be sure to send her here to get your suggestions.

  5. My core is definitely bad. I am trying to work on it however I suck at doing core exercises in general. I am hoping to have my body the way I want it by summer yet right now I am not sure if that is going to happen or not.

  6. My core is incredibly bad, and I know I need to work on it. I've been doing little things like yoga and pilates, hoping that I can build up to it. I don't think I could even do the exercises you listed above... I think I'd need a year of working out first! haha

  7. These are all of my favourite core moves. I can hold a plank for a silly amount of time (aka a long time) without even practising. Sorry, sounds like I'm bragging. But I do really love it. Burpees can be fun too, I guess. I remember when I used to be part of a CrossFit gym, we had to do "wall balls" now those... I hate.

  8. I am also doing a lot of exercise to strengthen my core. My gym instructor has taught me the right position to do planking. All these workouts are helping me as well to be fit and healthy. I also encourage my mom to do the same because she has a weak core.

  9. My core and my nutrition are something I am struggling to improve upon!! The planking challenge is one I have been doing to help strengthen myself. These are great exercises for the core body and strengthening.

  10. I am struggling with my core just a little bit. These look like moves that you do in Les Mills CX works. Have you ever tried it? It's totally fun, because you get to do all these moves to music.

  11. My core is pretty weak too. I think this is a very common problem. I was working really hard on it after my second child doing planks and burpees as well but since then I've fallen off that routine. Now that it's warm I plan to get back at it again.

  12. Isn't it amazing what just a little more every day can do? I find that when I stick with it a while. Now, to make it stick for good.


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