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Ginnybakes - Gluten Free, Organic, Non GMO and Awesome

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Well, as you can probably guess by the name of my blog, #WillRun4IceCream, I love sweets. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree  the cookies isn't far from the oven. Lil Man has my sweet tooth. I wish I would have videoed the squeals of glee as he pulled out box after box of cookies from ginnybakes.

"I want dis one. No, dat one!" We are both chocolate lovers, and those are the ones we reached for first. 

I think my overall favorite was double chocolate happiness. It lives up to its name and then some. I didn't share those with Lil Man and hubby. (hangs head in shame) But, after I tried one, I knew that I wanted to keep them for myself.  And I did. And I ate them all, and every last crumb was wonderful. 

I would like to add, although Lil Man is all things chocolate, he also enjoyed the butter crisp love. I also loved the texture and the taste. 

Ginnybakes is certified gluten free, organic, non gmo cookies and bars. Although I haven't been medically diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, I've been conducting my own experiments. When I have products with gluten, my joints ache and swell. When I eat less gluten the inflammation is less. I am not a doctor, nor have I been diagnosed by one, so I'm not about to say that I have sensitivity to gluten. I will say, that I am incorporating more gluten free items into our life if those items seem to be a healthier version. 

Read your labels people. Just because something says 'healthy or gluten-free or even organic' it doesn't mean that it's healthy for you. That being said, I'm trying to eat foods that I can pronounce the ingredients. If it contains some chemical that I can't pronounce, I'm trying to skip that product. 

And when one has a sweet tooth, it's not always easy to find products where you can pronounce the ingredients.  So when I started reading the labels on the ginnybakes products, I was thrilled. Check out the ingredients on my favorite cookie Double Chocolate Happiness : Organic Butter, Organic Gluten-Free Brown Rice Flour, Organic Dark Chocolate Chips, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Liquid Eggs, Organic Dark Brown Sugar, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Organic Potato Starch, Citric Acid, Baking Powder

Some cookies did contain xantham gum, but other than that one ingredient, I could pronounce each ingredient. For me, that was huge. Factor in that it's organic, and that was even better, along with the fact that GMO products aren't allowed. 

I'll be honest. I read the ingredients before I tasted a cookie, and I had preconceived ideas on how the cookie would taste. I expected cardboard. I did. I'm being honest here. Imagine my surprise when I told Lil Man it was really good. He gobbled his up in an instant. 

I'm not going to claim that a cookie is healthy, but I did feel better knowing he was eating this sweet treat over other varieties. And in the future, I will reach for ginnybakes. 

In addition to delicious cookies, ginnybakes also has bars and mixes. 

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I love everything about their products that I have tried. They even have 'to go' packs. As you know, Spring/Summer is right around the corner, and Lil Man and I are always on the go.

If you are looking for a great, gluten free, organic and non GMO product, I encourage you to give ginnybakes a try. Check out their website at

I'm going to go enjoy a little quiet time. 

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  1. Those look delicious. My youngest inherited my sweet tooth. Happily my oldest did not.

    1. They are awesome... we all love them and are fans now :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. We are gluten free and know about these yummy cookies! I am so happy you are spreading the word about them! Its a great hing to share!

  3. I love Ginny Bakes products. My son love their cookies. JUst like you, I was expecting less of the taste when I first tried it but I was wrong. They are really good.

  4. I also love chocolate but I dislike those that are too sweet. I don't mind the ingredients for most stuff haha maybe because I'm not into baking. I just read the number of calories in each serving/intake. Sure, I'd give ginnybakes a try next time.

  5. It looks delicious, I wonder though if it's available here in our country. You see, like you and your little man, I have a sweet tooth too. I will scour the supermarket one of these days to see if we got it here.


  6. yammi .. these looks totally yammi. i am so much in love with bakery stuff and biscuits are my favriout.. becasue they are gluten free its absolutly a plus point. its good to see more and more food glutin free

  7. These look really good. I would love to try these myself with my son. He loves all kinds of treats, and it's even better that it's non gmo and gluten free! Now more people can enjoy them!

  8. I am always looking for that healthy gluten-free alternative so thank you for letting me know about Ginny Bakes. I will definitely give them a try :)

  9. I have to day, I've wonder whether or not I have issues with gluten. Now that it's more available it's tend to get items that are gluten free. I really do enjoy them more now.

  10. I've heard awesome things about Ginny Bakes products and now that I know they are awesome, I'll definitely have to check them out. Since hubby is GF we are always looking for treats we both can enjoy that still offer the same great taste as gluten-full foods. :)

  11. Those look really good! I've had many gluten free cookies, and usually they aren't so great. These look much better than any of those choices ever did! Your little one is adorable, too! :) He seems to love them!

  12. Omg!!!! I love cookies so much you'd wander why I'm not a big fat cookie monster... I particularly enjoy cookies from 'Subway' as I do not do a lot of baking myself. Oh man, double chocolate sounds delicious :)


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