When Cold Weather Challenges You

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A few short months ago, I would have done almost anything to get on the treadmill. I just wanted to move.

Now? Well, now I'm terribly bored with running on the treadmill. Funny how I think I could walk for days on the treadmill, but running is a different beast.

But lately the temperatures just haven't been cooperating to running outside. I will do cold. But when the weather warnings are saying frostbite can occur to exposed skin within 15 minutes, well I re-think my relationship with my treadmill.

But today - I just needed
some fresh air - even if it did feel like -6. I had hoped to get in 4 miles, but it took me 10 minutes to get dressed in all of my layers. Factor in that I'm sore, my hamstring wasn't 100% happy, and the road was a little slick in spot, my pace was super slow.

I got in 3 slow miles instead of 4 moderate paced miles. But that was exactly what I needed today. 

I needed time to get myself mentally prepared for the day. I took time to pray for my Aunt (who is battling cancer), my son, my marriage, my family, and the list goes on an on. I soon forgot the cold and got lost in the beauty around me.

I did however for the first time get ice on my eyelashes while running - I felt like one tough running machine.

But as I was out there getting 'that girl is crazy' looks from passing cars, I couldn't help but think how invigorating the cold can be - and how rewarding challenging yourself can be.

How did you challenge yourself today? 

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  1. I challenged myself by running on the treadmill today! I had to do speedwork and with the -20 WC this morning, it wasn't going to happen outside!

    1. Awesome job!!! Yeah, I think -6 was my limit today... And I think our schools are delayed tomorrow because of the temps. I like snow, but this extreme cold can go :)

  2. I have a 15 degree limit, but sometimes will go out around 10. Breathing in the cold air doesn't bother me at all, but when my fingertips start hurting no matter what kind of mitten wraps I'm using, then I'll be miserable and then the run will be awful. That seems to be my main decider ... my fingers, haha :)

    1. I am the same way with my fingers! That's what hurts worse than anything else. I usually wear double gloves and sometimes hand warmers inside my gloves!

  3. I draw the line in the snow at zero. So yes, its been a big treadmill year. Since I'm obsessed with learning to swim for my tri, I haven't been worrying about my runs that much. But I do have a 10 miler and a half in April that aren't gonna run themselves. Nice job getting out there!

    1. Yeah, my first race is a 10 miler on March 29. I can't swim.. I can dog paddle.. but I don't think that would get me very far in a tri!!


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