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#TuesdayTidbit - When You're Short On Time

Today's #TuesdayTidbit is about time - or lack thereof. I often have people ask me how I find time to fit in my workouts.

Now granted, there are A LOT more people busier than me, so please don't get the impression that I think I'm the busiest person out there. I'm not. But like all of us, I am busy. And I thought
I'd share with you a few things that I do to get my workouts in.

Early Mornings / Late Evenings
Thankfully, I'm a morning person. And I prefer getting in the majority of my workouts before Hubby goes to work. Most days, I begin my day while everyone else is asleep. I know people who workout after their kids go to bed at night. I personally just don't have the energy; so I choose early mornings.

Ditch the All or None attitude
I used to think that if I couldn't get in 30 minutes of cardio then just forget it. But I realized that 10 minutes is better than 0. And maybe I didn't have time for a 3 mile run, but I could probably squeak in 1 mile. And 1 mile is better than 0. So I adopted that philosophy. On the days that it's just not happening (Hubby is out of town. Lil Man is sick. Other obligations - you know what I mean - I do what I can)

Break It Up 
Along the same concept as the previous one, I will break up my strength workout and fit them in around my daily life. While making lunch or dinner as I'm waiting for something to heat or cook, I might drop to the floor and get in some push ups. 2 minutes left on the microwave? What about getting in some plank work? Bicep curls during commercial breaks. I think you get the picture. Yes I prefer to get an entire workout in together (reps/rest to complete the set). But sometimes life just doesn't work out that way.

Incorporate Your Kids/Family
Since I had Lil Man, I find ways to include him in my workouts. We are spending time together, but I'm still getting my workout in. Sometimes he's doing the exercises with me. Sometimes he's part of the exercise and doesn't know it. (Chase around the house, throwing a ball, picking him up and down).

And then there is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I'll admit I don't use this one much - mainly just because I haven't really tried it that much. But I know my gym uses it a lot in their classes. And I know that others have found success. So I wanted to include it.

And on those days that I just can't get in any 'structured' workouts, I try to just incorporate exercise into my daily life as much as possible.  (Park in the last spot at the grocery store. Clean the house. Impromptu dance party). I think you get the idea.

Because exercise is one way that I relieve stress, I make it one of my priorities, and my family thanks me for it.

How do you fit in exercise into your daily routine?

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  1. I get up earlier to get it done. And I'm pretty flexible, as far as my training goes. I don't always get to get the distance I want, but as you say something is better than nothing.

    1. Yep, and for so long I wouldn't even attempt a workout if i couldn't do the entire distance. I realize now that's silly.. just do what you can!

  2. I really need to make more time for working out :( Sometimes I feel like there's just not enough time in the day, but I know on the days I do hit the gym my day goes so much better so I need to make it fit! Thank you for posting this and reminding me to get my butt up and going this morning!

  3. I am such a lazy bum that i have not done any sort of exercise in the longest time. I used to do a few at home before work or go to spin after work but i am just plain lazy i need to find a new way to incorporate exercise into my life

  4. I need to make more time for working out. This winter is dragging and I need to be more active. I've been lacking.

  5. For some reason, winter kicks my behind big time or at least I use that as an excuse. I like the point you made about it not being all or nothing and I've used that excuse so many times, too. No more excuses for me.

  6. How adorable that you include your son in your workouts. I try to include my son in my activities too but he's too young to really show an interest at the moment.

  7. I would love to find time, I just can't - taking care of three under fives with no help means I'm one exhausted woman.

  8. I find including my kids and husband is one of the best ways to get things done. Not only do they hold me accountable, they keep me motivated.

  9. I use HIIT for running, makes it much easier to manage. These are great tips for squeezing in a workout.

  10. Pre mommy days I was all about early workouts! My friends thought I was nuts for waking that early for a workout... Nowadays it's whenever I have a free moment I the day! Sometimes it's early, which I love, but a lot of times its later and ughhh.... I guess I should just b happy I can fit a workout in ;-)

  11. I like the concept of breaking down workouts. It gets you to use the short idle time for you to exercise. Doing short high intensity workouts too leads to a lot of fitness gains.

  12. I'm totally an all or none type person. I do need to work on that, because as you said, something is better than nothing!

  13. Great tips here :) When I finally become a father I know where I will be heading for parental tips !!

  14. What a great idea to include your kids in exercise. I think these are all wonderful tips too.

  15. These are such great tips! I really need to start working out in the morning!

  16. I really wish I could get up early like you! I work out around 9am.. and then do some yoga at night.

  17. I have to admit, I don't fit it into my schedule. I hate exercising. I know that is very, very bad but I just hate it. But good for you for being committed.

  18. Exercise is a 4 letter word to me although I know I need to more. We recently moved into an apartment complex with a fitness center so that has made it a bit easier and motivate me more.

  19. Not having enough time is always an excuse for me but earlier mornings is something that I really should try and do!


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