Lorna Jane Fit Challenge (#LJFitChallenge) - Let The Fun Begin

I am super super super super excited to be a part of the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge (#LJFitChallenge). This is exactly what I need right now - with my mileage being so low with my hamstring injury. I'm not able to jump back into my running or strength routine full force; so the #LJFitChallenge is exactly what I need right now. 

I know that
I may have to modify some of the exercises. I'm listening to my body. Days 1 and 2 consisted of squats, burpees, push-ups and lunges (among other things). I handled the squats and lunges fairly well, but the hamstring was definitely angry afterward. So I'll have to listen to my body, and I'll have to be patient with myself. But I think I've finally reached a place that if I have to cut a workout short due to pain/tenderness I know that it's best to cut the workout short instead of pushing through. This concept is still very hard for me, but I'm learning..... 

Another aspect of the Lorn Jane Fit Challene (#LJFitChallenge) is nutrition. We all know I could use a little help in this department. One aspect that is stressed is portion control. Even if you are eating 'healthy clean' foods, you still have to pay attention to portion control. 

Here is a quote from the Nourish Cookbook that I really loved "So let's be honest here - it's you who decides what you eat" (Lorna Jane). How true is that? 

And for moral support and inspiration there is also a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1022436647773512

I'd love to have you join me - you can sign up for the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge here

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  1. I thought about doing this but with the yoga challenge, I've about challenged out!!! I'll be following you on this, tho!

    1. This was exactly what I needed right now! But I love seeing all of your yoga poses each day!

  2. I love love LJ and she always has the best challenges :)


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