People Ask Me Why I Run

There are actually many reasons why I run. And my reasons evolve. But there are some days that the stress consumes me - that it's so intense that it feels like it's crushing me.

I'm not at liberty to tell you the exact reason - it isn't my story to tell. But when a loved one is hurting, you hurt also. And when you are logistically too far away to realistically help, it’s hard. Lil Man was asking me questions this weekend. And I was forced to say out loud the reality – the word that no one ever wants to utter....

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  1. I"m so sorry to hear about the bad news...I hope that the prognosis is good. Just keep moving!

    1. Thank you... so glad I'm able to at least get out and get in small runs... I need to get my blood pressure down and running helps! And thank you... prayers appreciated for me family. We've got this! One step at a time - literally!


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