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No More Starting Over

There is no more starting over - no more starting again - no more I'll start tomorrow...because last night I got 'the call' that brought me to my knees - the call that ripped through my very core - the call that had me crying out to God within the hollow depths of my being....

And I informed my family that I wouldn't tolerate any attitude or negativity, but I am taking charge of what is brought into this house as far as 'nutrition' goes. We aren't swimming in the best genetic pool when it comes to health. As I birthed my son into this world, I knew he had some check marks against him when it came to his health. And although there isn't anything that I can do about that, there is something that I can do... and that is to the best of my ability and knowledge give him the healthiest lifestyle possible.

And before anyone freaks out, no we aren't going on some weird extreme restrictive can't eat that diet. But this not taking things serious is over. It is my responsibility as a parent to do the best by him (and for myself and Hubby) that I can do.

I'm ridding the house of processed food - today. (May have to wait until Hubby goes hunting to do  it ;) but it's going out... (except for the occasional things that we rarely eat like animal crackers etc) and no more will be brought in except for occasional occurrences.

And for some of you thinking about the name of my blog #WillRun4IceCream no that won't be changing ... because the truth is.. I love ice cream. I always will, and I will continue to eat it (in moderation). And there are also 'healthier' versions that are made with real ingredients like Turkey Hill Natural Ice Cream. And when 3B's opens in the Spring, Lil Man and I will still be customers.... just maybe not every day as in the past ;)

We started off the day with a greek yogurt fruit smoothie (with some spinach thrown in) along with scrambled eggs (which Lil Man loves to help cook). We had real food over the normal frozen waffle (which isn't all that bad but the ones that we have still have words that I can't pronounce) and the cinnamon bun that Lil Man shares with Hubby.

This isn't a 'starting over' -  this it the beginning......

Are you making any lifestyle changes this year?

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  1. Everything in moderation, Amy! It's the easiest way to stay on track.

    1. I agree! Otherwise, it's a short term thing and it just doesn't last.


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