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Who Knew Cross-training Could Be So Much Fun

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I'm not going to sugar coat it (no pun intended) being injured isn't fun. Truth be told it might be time for Dr. intervention - giving it a few more weeks to see what happens. But the unexpected happened, I am developing a fondness for spin class. I know right?!? Just Monday this was me. (Crabby Injured Runner Goes To Spin Class)

Wednesday, well I made it 10 minutes before I thought I was in hell :-)
The music was great, someone brought a cowbell, there was cheering and shouting - Yep - it was fun. Granted I was glad when the class as over. I once again got my rear whooped. And let's face it I have a short attention span. So for me to sit in one spot for an hour is not easy. 

But spin is definitely pointing out my weaknesses both physically and mentally. So I think it's going to be a great addition to my running routine once I return to running. In the mean time, it's my source of cardio.

But I came across this article Why Runners Need Spinning from I thought it was an interesting read, and I find it to be true (well except for the last line.. as that isn't the case for me... yet).

This hamstring injury of mine is proving to be very educational.

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  1. I actually love spin--but I can't do it unless someone invites me to their health club! I've done computrainer (a cycling class) for cross training at the CrossFit box where I train. It isn't as much fun but it is a great workout. Plus the other people who do it are usually triathletes, and it's pretty motivating to push yourself when you're riding alongside them! If my legs don't loosen up, I may be back...

    1. I agree that it would be motivating to work out along triathletes! I hope your legs loosen up. Shoveling snow today wasn't very kind to my hamstring.


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