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When Injuries Re-Write Your Future

I can't stress enough how being injured, or removed from something you really enjoy doing, gives you time to think and re-evaluate.

You know those Spring races I was talking about possibly doing? Well.... that training plan that I had hoped to start the first of January is out the window...  I'm only currently approved to do PT exercises which is basically hip/core strength and stretching and very little of that.  I am seeing a little improvement in flexibility which is good. Even little progress is progress

But my hopes of racing a Spring 10 miler...
in all likelihood... that's not going to happen. In fact, I'm cautious to use the word race at all in regards to any distance concerning the Spring racing season. Because quite frankly, I'm really tired of being injured. So I plan to be smart, as smart as I can be anyway, with coming back from injury. Don't expect me to go from PT to all out running a local 5K.

But I have to give myself a little virtual pat on the back, because you know what, I'm ok with it. Oh, don't get me wrong, I had my heart set, and I mean totally set on kicking some serious PA booty up here in some local races this Spring. (hey, a girl can dream even if it's never an actual reality). I was lining up my Spring season like a well planned attack to get me some much needed and in my opinion  well deserved PRs. And in a blink of an eye, that planning is gone.

But, in its place a new plan is forming. My PT was talking to me today about trail running. I told him that I actually loved it, but I didn't do any last year because I trained all summer for a Marathon and I was afraid of getting injured (yeah, I know, gotta love the irony) but that I really would like to incorporate trails into my running this year. He agreed - and said it would actually be easier on my body as far as shock absorption goes.

As I was laying on the table, squeezing my core muscles until I thought I was going to pop,  I couldn't help but reminisce about how I Faced My Mountain. And the truth is - I loved it. Oh granted, I'm scared to run trails solo, so I'll have to work on that aspect and game plan. But there are apps now that I can set alerts to send Hubby a message while I'm out running. I use RoadId or ReactMobile. For me, both have stopped working at some point. So although they do provide some safety net, I don't feel that I can count on them 100% - especially when I'm in a wooded area without great cell service. But it is an added sense of security. And I never run without at least someone knowing my route, when I'm leaving, and I will let them know when I return.

But maybe this year will be different than any year of running I've ever had. 2013 was an awesome year for me. (2 Marathons, 3 Half Marathons, PRs, Training Runs - What I've Learned - 2013 Year End Review) 2014 - well not so much. It was one of my worst.

So who knows what 2015 will bring - my hope - AN INJURY FREE YEAR! But I have a feeling that this upcoming year will be a year of learning - listening to my body - finding out exactly what running means to me (at that particular moment), and I think it will evolve (as I evolve as a person) as the year moves forward.

I see trails, roads, spin bikes, rowing machines, strength training, core work and better nutrition. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I'd love to hear about yours.

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  1. i really want to try running more.. but i mentally start shutting down and telling myself i want to kill myself.. so i have no idea how far my body can actually go.. but i have friends who do trail running and some ultra marathons, and they're amazing! i saw how injuries can really set them back on their running goals. i hope you have an injury free year too! :) i

    1. ha.... that sounds like me during marathon training.. I think longer distances really really test my mental ability and that's a place that I need to work on. My advice, just focus on having fun with running and before long you'll be amazed at how far you've gone (literally) :)

  2. I have never ran in a race, but it's on my 2015 goal list! I can only hope to have a positive experience. Injuries do worry me, and I am noticing that as I get older I'm getting more them. I would love to try trail running or doing some kind of marathon!

    1. I LOVE racing.... I have to say, I usually get emotional.. just something about being out there doing it. Train smart and you'll stay injury free. I have a problem with wanting to do 'too much too soon'. I can't wait to hear about your upcoming 2015 year :)

  3. Injuries definitely do play a role, I'm a dancer and sprains, soreness and sometimes injury are definitely out there. I definitely commend you for being inspired by yourself and taking the valued time to reconsider your injuries and how to prep and be safer in the future. I would love to run in a race/marathon one day, such a long yet empowering point on my bucket list!

  4. I have never participated in any race, may be because of my low confidence. But my best friend is an athlete, she got injuries but those injuries can never lower her morale and always come up with new goals :)

  5. I dream of running a marathon. But every time I realize it is too late to start the preparation. I wish you all the best for the coming year. I am sure it will be an injury free one as you wished and you achieve lots.


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