What 5 Days Of Eating Clean Did For Me

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Well, the reality is that I was supposed to post my 'after' 30 day pics from eating cleaner next weekend. And I could post pics, but they will look the same as the first ones because honestly my challenge didn't really happen when I had hoped it would. I kept doing that vicious cycle of starting over again and again.

But, this past weekend I joined the clean eating challenge on Facebook, and I have to say that well, for the most part I stuck with it. I am finding (I hope) my balance, and my lifestyle plan. I plan to post my 30 day pics on January 1st.

But I did want to show you these. And no, not because I really need to get my nails done. But I have been having problems with achy joints, unable to close my hand completely etc. After 5 days of ditching most of the processed food, I could close my hand completely.

Then I had an over-indulgence day - and not to say that these won't happen from time to time. And I don't plan to feel guilty about them when they do. But by the end of the day I noticed that my toes were really hurting again. And that my hands were sort of achy too. And yep, this was as far as I could close my fingers.

Not saying that eating cleaner will make any aches and pains go away that you might have. I of course am no doctor by any means. But this is just what I have noticed with 5 days of eating cleaner.

The 'challenge' on Facebook is over. But my plan is to continue on as this isn't a diet or a quick fix. This really has to be something that I can do lifelong to make it a real deal. So I'm off to a good start. Stay with me as I continue my journey. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

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