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Think Before You Drink That Protein Shake

Ok, so I've been going to early morning spin which means I come scooting into the house just in time to get Lil Man ready for pre-school and Hubby out the door for work. Sometimes I get a shower; sometimes I don't. And breakfast, well that has to be something super quick and on-the-go.

Lately I've been getting a protein shake from the gym. I love them. I do. I have them make it with chocolate instead of vanilla. I mean they taste so good. But then I started thinking. You know, maybe they taste a little too good?

Earlier in the year I had asked about the calorie content and it was around 410ish or so but a ballpark guestimate, Today as I'm sipping away, drenched in my post sweat post glow from spin class, I asked the girl for the calories, carbs, protein and sugar content.

I almost fell outta the chair - for real - as in - no wonder I like the taste of these things. With my substitutions (and rounding), this is what I came up with.

Calories - 586
Carbs - 80
Protein - 45
Fat - 9
Sugar - 60

For someone my size (while trying to lose weight), that's close to HALF of my daily intake in one shake. And the sugar... wow the sugar.. I could have 3 candy bars.

I finished my shake and enjoyed it cause that's gonna be the last one for awhile.

My plan? Well, how hard is it to stash a banana, some almonds, or an apple next to my workout bag? A little planning the night before can save me huge the morning of. And I do enjoy a post workout shake, but I plan to make my own on the days that I have one. I will know exactly what's in it, along with a smaller amount of calories. I'm currently drinking Shakeology (don't judge. I know it's ridiculously expensive in my opinion). But as far as protein drinks go, I also find it in my unprofessional opinion to be fairly healthy. And coming in at 160 calories, there is a huge difference.

So my advice to you is think before you drink. I had no idea that I was sipping so many calories.

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  1. I wrote a post this summer about all the chocolate protein drinks I sampled. The caloric count varied greatly. One of them, one of my favorites, was over 400 calories. So no go... Luckily I found another that is about 200 calories.

    1. I would love to read that post. Could you send me the link?

  2. Depends on the shake. I do a vegan protein shake that is full of nutrients and safe protein sources - cranberry, yellow pea, and brown rice. I LOVE it. Of course, I prefer whole foods, but this is great on the go and I can feel good about drinking it.

    1. I agree! And sometimes I just have to do 'on the go' .. .so this am I made my own cause I knew what was in it.

  3. OMG! That's crazy. See this is why I am iffy myself about drinking those shakes at the gym. But glad you found out ASAP! Maybe making your own shake to drink afterwards will help? I used to do that and keep it in a thermos and it helped a lot.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I did today. I made my own so that I knew it was 160 calories.

  4. Oh wow...yes, that is a lot of calories, and the sugar content is off the charts. I wonder how many calories my brother is drinking when he makes his protein shakes.

    1. Probably a whole lot less than this if he's making his own. I sure hope so... glad I found out when I did.

  5. Yep, I only ever have one after at least a 10 mile run as I don't tend to want to eat - otherwise not worth the calories. Great post!


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