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The Hope Was To Eat Clean The Realty Was Oreos For Breakfast

Yeah, how I looked when caught with the cookies
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When your day starts with chocolate covered Oreos and it ends with a greasy pepperoni pizza, you pretty much know that you did not reach your dietary goals for the day. sigh... double sigh... triple sigh... That my friends was my day last Wednesday. I didn't plan it to be that way. But after a frustrating walk on the treadmill that's right I said walk instead of run because my hamstring is still really giving me trouble, and when I took my son to preschool and there were plates of cookies everywhere, I thought that I was just going to bypass it. And then ... I saw...the chocolate covered Oreo cookies. I'll eat just one I said. Three cookies later I'm taking my kid up the stairs to his classroom.

I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad had I stopped there, but on my trip to the coffee shop I had a spinach feta croissant. The croissant of course being processed, full of unhealthy things  that I'm trying to avoid (other than the spinach and the cheese). A chocolate chip cookie in the afternoon followed by several slices of greasy pepperoni pizza for dinner continued my downward spiral. So why am I telling you this? Well because I'm supposed to be avoiding processed food. (My 30 Day Food Challenge

How's that going for me? What do you think? I'll go a day or two and be fairly on track with eating mainly healthy things, and then it's like I will just binge (and I cringe at that word, but it's the truth) on unhealthy processed foods - a cycle that keeps being repeated over and over and over. It is truly frustrating for me. And I get so irritated at myself for what seems to be the lack of willpower to make any substantial changes. 

But I tell you this because as of Monday (12/8/14) I have committed to a Facebook Group that is doing a clean eating challenge for the next five days. Yep, no processed food, no white flour no sugar yada yada yada. You know the basics. So here's to hoping that with being committed to a group of people, checking in with this group of people daily, and following the tips however I know the tips that's not really the problem for me. (The problem is actually the willpower to stay away from the processed food.) And the fact that in a couple of weeks, I am supposed to post some more pics of me with hopefully some difference than the first ones I posted. 

I honestly think if I could ever get past that initial hump of breaking the bad habit and getting the sugar monkey off of my back that I could really make a lifestyle change. Here is to hoping the next 5 days will be a success, and a great start to a really important lifestyle change. 

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  1. Oh no!!! There has to be a happy medium here. I eat pretty well, but I sure couldn't give up my cereals for breakfast or my chocolate squares after lunch and dinner. I think those "clean" diets are just too extreme and make you crave the foods you are trying to give up. Don't beat yourself up, Amy, and be easy on yourself. Baby steps.

    1. I agree! I need my chocolate squares! ha.. my problem is that's ALL I'm eating... like really... all processed all sugar.. and no 'real' food.. so that's my goal is to eat more real food and less of the junk. Gotta get back on the wagon. I use sugar as a crutch way too much.


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