It's Perfect Isn't It? The Lives We See On Facebook

****Originally posted last year 2013 on my blog A Day In The Life Of Mrs. Glass , but I thought I would recycle it and share it again. It's a good reminder - especially for me who at times struggles as I see the seemingly perfect lives on Facebook. ****

It's perfect isn't it.... the lives we see on Facebook... usually happy faces of people doing fun stuff ALL of the time. This time of the year you see pictures of Santa, Gingerbread houses, and an ungodly amount of cookies being baked. 

I suppose your newsfeed will relate to your friends and interests. Mine is a nice mixture of toddlers, families, and runners posting pics of their latest runs and races.

And from the outside looking in, it looks (other than the occasional 'I am stressed rant') pretty darn perfect... these lives.... these people posting their daily adventures. But I have to stop and ask you, is it? Yes, there is a gorgeous picture of a smiling family, but maybe what we didn't see was the major meltdown from everyone (including Mommy screaming please please just cooperate) before a decent picture was finally taken. 

Oh, and those cookies look lovely, but maybe we didn't see the ones that were burned or an unrecognizable shape. And the awesome run you just read about? Well maybe it was a perfect morning, or then again maybe they had a huge fight with their spouse/significant other/kid before the race and their run wasn't as perfect as it sounded.

And sometimes because we are bombarded with these seemingly perfect lives, we start focusing on what we feel we are missing in ours. So if this is you, I encourage you to take a moment and re-direct your thoughts. Yeah, maybe Pinterst Penny knows how to create some to-die-for desserts and crafts. You have some talents and things going for you that maybe Pinterest Penny and others don't. 

I realize that no one wants to hear that someone is having a tough time. Gasp, she just put she was struggling today. I can't believe she said that. And true, some of us (myself included) share a little too much through social media. But I think it's also ok to keep it real. My life certainly isn't perfect.
Today, we made our first Gingerbread house. I couldn't figure out where I needed to put the frosting to make the house stay together. Hubby helped me out. People looking at the picture on facebook didn't see that, or how I cut the hole too big in the frosting bag, or the little candy balls rolling everywhere. 

Did we have fun? Sure, but this picture doesn't represent the behind the scenes or our morning before this happy moment. 

So the next time you are scrolling through your newsfeed, and you start to feel a little inadequate with your lack of skill or activities, take a moment to remember that what you see isn't always how it 'went down'. And you have a lot (probably more than you realize) to be thankful for. 

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