De-railed By Sickness

There's nothing like a sick kid to totally rearrange your plans and set your heart into a flutter of worry. Lil Man started with a little cough on Friday. That cough has turned into this...

one scary as heck time of our lives..
and we aren't over it yet.. in fact.. we are still in the midst of it. And if he isn't better tomorrow, I'm taking him to the ER. Over the weekend, we went to the urgent care clinic where an Xray showed the beginnings of pneumonia. We went to his pediatrician's office to be seen by the nurse practionioner today since I felt he was worse.

By this afternoon, this was what he looked like. I realize that medicine can't work overnight. I realize that this may be viral instead of bacterial. I am smart enough to know it takes time. But I also know that I am the advocate for my child - call me over reacting - call it what you will, but I'm concerned. I'm worried. And I will fight tooth and nail to make sure he gets care that he needs.

Thankfully at the moment his fever is down. And he is sleeping - although he is moaning.

This is definitely not how we anticipated spending our Winter break. In fact, Lil Man asked me today if we could go to Chocolate World. :) I told him, as soon as he was well, we sure would. (Although I do cringe at the thought of being exposed to more germs). Enough is enough already. 

This has definitely been one emotional roller coaster. This has been our first experience with asthma and pneumonia. Praying we are turning the corner soon and will be on our way to full recovery in the very near future!  This Momma is worried! 

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  1. Awww ... hang in there Momma! One thing I've learned over the course of parenting is that kids are very resilient and that they will pick up even more germs and bugs once they start elementary school. My daughter had "walking pneumonia" last year but was fairly chipper throughout it. It's no fun when the kiddos get sick :(


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