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Crabby Injured Runner Goes To Spin Class

It wasn't my intention - spin class today. My plan was to plug along on the bike out on the gym floor, then maybe row a little, and do a little upper body work. I had causually mentioned to a lady in the locker room if she was going to spin class and did it normally fill up. She said yes to both. I told her thanks. I had planned to just use the bike on the floor, but I thought I might come to spin some morning. 

So I was quite surprised as I was out on the gym floor, struggling (literally) to get my bike set up. Why must it be so complicated to simply move a seat up and down and forward and back? I mean really, it shouldn't require that much work, especially at 5:45 in the morning. But she comes over and says the class is full, but her friend didn't make it. So there is a seat by her. Come to class today. 

Um.. ok.. I muttered (so not what I intended to do today). 

Class had begun, but thankfully it wasn't too hard to set up this bike. I started off ok, pacing myself. I mean it's an hour long class. 

glancing at my watch - you have got to be kidding me. It's just been 5 minutes. I've only been doing this for 5 minutes. 

The instructor shouts out the next set... I hear... 7 for 20 seconds, recovery, 8 for 20, recovery.. at this point I tune it out.. this is just going to be about survival. ... The next song begins...

Is this hell? I'm in hell. I think this is hell... Breath, just breathe... Slow your pace... If I slow my pace I'm going to actually stop... Why is it so hot in here? 

I hear - recovery, back off to  a 2 or a 3. I turn the knob. Oh snap, I'm already using the bike practically with no resistance.

It burns. It burns. My quads! 

Great job!  Half way through this set. Half way through the class. How is it possible for time to move so slow? Remember labor. Remember the pain passes. It will eventually end. 

A nice older lady leans over "Hun, is this your first time?" I lean over (in between gasps and say) "No, I've done a spin class before. It's just been awhile". She gives me a sweet smile with a there there look of it's all gonna be ok in her eyes. I wonder if it's because I look like a buck of water has been poured over my head. Or maybe that my sprint pace is now the same as my recovery pace. Or maybe it was the dry heaves that tipped her off. 

Finally class was over. As I was trying to leave the room on my wobbly legs, I fell into the wall thermostat. Oh yes I did. :)

So after Spin today, this crabby injured runner wasn't so crabby. It wasn't running. But it was a challenge. And it's something that I would definitely like to improve with. And since I won't be running for the next couple of weeks, maybe the rest of the year, it looks like I'll be doing more spin. 

In fact, it's probably the lack of cross training that has led me to this injury. So once I am finally well, I intend to be faithful with the cross training. 

So, what do you do for cross training? 

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