Wordless Wednesday But With Words On A Monday

I thought about posting this on Wordless Wednesday, then I realized I am not really one to be 'wordless' since I was born with the Gift of Gab ;)

But this picture pretty much sums up my week so far.

Yeah, this was one of our pumpkins. I came out to the car this morning and found it like this, all caved in... the first words that popped into my head were defeated and deflated. Man, was that a perfect analogy for these last few days, and well this last year of running.  Lil Man has been a smaller cuter version of me with being strong willed, defiant, and determined to control all things possible. :) He did not fall far from the tree. But it's been trying to say the least. And this pumpkin summed up exactly how I felt. 

Funny, how something like this can make me stop and think. But it did. Look at it? I mean it just looks so sad and dejected. Well that's definitely not how I want to be.. with running or with life! 

With that in mind... I was determined... today's food has been on track. I ran 1.5 miles with some inclines, but there was lots of track. And truthfully, my mind wasn't totally on what I was doing, and I almost ran into 2 different oncoming cars. So I ran back to my car, drove to the gym where there wasn't any traffic. And I ran 2 more miles there. I wanted to see if I could 'push the pace' - my first time to run faster outside with some inclines thrown in. 

It wasn't easy - breathing was the hardest - but I was  pleased to see I could pull a high 8 (barely, but still an 8). 

I felt my hamstring, but mainly after the run and not during (probably cause I couldn't breathe and I was focusing on that). But no real 'pain' at the moment. Tomorrow will be a better indicator. 

And after this, I went inside the gym and did strength training (chest).

The pumpkin is going out with the trash tomorrow.. hopefully with the defeated state of mind that I've had this week. 

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