This Run Made Possible By Compression

After getting my Thigh Compression Sleeve (Feeling The Squeeze - Compression Sleeves),  I ordered me a pair of  Zensah High Compression Shorts since some of my pain is also in the buttock area. Well, I love them. They seem to really make a difference. The only problem is that I'm need more than one pair! 

So this weekend, I put them to the test and took to the streets. I'd been running on the treadmill, then I ventured out for a 1.5 to 2 mile run. And this weekend I went out for a little over 3.  

Today I went out for a 4 mile run - my longest with this injury. And I added in a few inclines. 

I'm trying to play it smart, listen to my body, and learn from past mistakes. We'll see how that goes ;) but so far so good. I am a little tender this evening. So I know that I really worked the injured area. I won't run tomorrow. I will either rest on the cardio, or maybe try the bike. It will depend on time, and just how tender the area is. 

I'm still doing the strength training.. YEAH. Can you believe it? I'm working out at home when I can't get to the gym. And the days that I do make it to the gym, I'm trying to stick as close as possible to Jamie Eason's LiveFit Program. 

I am enough has been my motto lately - especially on my solo runs. What's your motto?

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