I've Never Run A Turkey Trot

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Can you believe I've never ran a Turkey Trot? I know. The girl who has run multiple races over a weekend has never run a turkey trot! But it's never worked with our family plans.

With us living in PA, and our family living in the South. Well, it's just 'us'. And I always feel a little guilty leaving my family at home to go run on Thanksgiving. And, I can't get them to join me for a 'family' outing to run one as a family. So while the rest of the running community is out trotting away, I was home in the kitchen today. But that's ok. No sadness here as I hope to get out tomorrow for a run. (Fingers crossed I can work it out with Hubby's schedule so that I won't have to run on the treadmill).

And I was able to get out yesterday for a couple of miles. This was me yesterday before the snow hit.

In years past, Hubby and I have gone out to eat on Thanksgiving day. This day, well it's usually a sad day for me since we are away from family. But now that Lil Man is older, we want to make our own memories with him. Hubby and I have our memories of Thanksgiving with family. So we want to create memories with Lil Man with his family... just right now his family happens to be the 3 of us.

So this year, I cooked. I used my Mom's recipe for her chicken and cornbread dressing. Lil Man and I made pecan pies and cookies along with lots of memories.

And of course, no holiday is complete without a little drama. Ours just so happened to be of the 'kitchen kind' this year. Yep, it started leaking, and I don't mean just a little drip. 

So Hubby, along with his helper Lil Man, rushed to the rescue. (Notice Lil Man's drills. And yes, Hubby pretty much had to fix it with Lil Man under his arms). 

As I type this, the boys are snoring, and I'm reflecting on how thankful I am on this Thanksgiving day even if I didn't get to run a Turkey Trot. :) 

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