This Time Feels Different - Dietary Goals, Fitness Goals & Running Goals

This time it feels different. This weekend has been the most stressful, upsetting weekend that I have had in a very long time. I'll save you the whole saga, but long story short my 'half marathon that replaced my marathon' was Sunday. That was part of the saga, the other part was dealing with sadness at the loss of a life, and some other personal things that I'm dealing with... let's just say... it was a very emotional weekend.

But last  Friday I decided that it was really time to try to make a really hard effort on the dietary goals. I am NOT cutting out all sugar. To me, at this point, that would be setting myself up for failure. Instead I'm cutting sugar out in stages or basically learning moderation.

(Fun Size instead of FULL size - although I've always thought fun size was a dumb name for smaller sized candy)

I'm 5 days into this dietary goal, and so far so good. I'm not feeling deprived. I know I could be doing more by having 'less' sugar, but I'm not looking at this as a quick fix, a drop 10lb kindof thing. I'm really trying to change my eating habits, and working through why I have such a sugar addiction or the frantic eating that I tend to find myself doing.

I'm into week 3 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit program (minus the leg portion since I'm injured). And I'm seeing progress, even if I'm possibly the only one seeing it. (Hubby always tells me that I look great even when I know I was the heaviest I've ever been. So he's not always the best judge to tell me that there is a difference as he always tells me I'm sexy ;) ). But I feel better. I feel stronger. I can't really see definition yet, but I know it will come in time. Because for the first time, I really think I'm in this for the long haul.

And although I'm not using the scale as an indicator of my fitness, the scale has dropped back down to a more 'normal' range for me. 

I'm making substitutions. I bypassed the pepperoni pizza for kale broccoli cabbage salad with sesame seeds and craisins drizzled with sesame dressing. 

While out shopping, I chose a to-go container of Hummus with flatbread instead of the sugary treats at the check out.

I'm learning to make smarter choices. I'm examining why I'm eating what I'm eating, and I'm learning to slow down. I realized that I have a tendency to gulp my food (no matter what it is). So I'm trying to make a conscious effort to slow down and not eat with such 'urgency'. 
I have set dietary goals, fitness goals, and running goals that I really plan to obtain. And (shocker!) I have set a realistic time table.

I do believe that I am on the track to success with my goals!

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  1. ::hugs:: for all the life stuff happening!
    I can't cut out sugar either. If I do, then it is bad when I have it. I like the fun size packages too and the are so easy to get around Halloween! I bought a bag of fun sized Raisinets for my running but I also grab hershey chocolates and stuff too to have as a night time snack. Great job on the healthy substitutions you made!

    1. Thank you. This is like my oh.. millionth try ha.. but this time really does feel different.


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