The Next Chapter

For anyone who may have missed my FB status the other day on my page Today's Words Of Glass here it is... Well, sometimes they say change is good. I'm hoping this one will be. But I'm doing something that I have never really done before. I'm giving up racing (all distances) for awhile - at least for the rest of the year - maybe longer. Running races has always been a motivator for me, and I've enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when completing a race. But this year, well this year of running has just felt like a huge mess for me. I missed my summer race that I wanted to do due to illness, then I trained all summer for a marathon to realize it really just wasn't something that I wanted to do. Long story short, I feel slower, worn out and truly discouraged with where I am currently in my running and for the most part my race times have reflected that. I was faster at the beginning of the year than now. And instead of finishing a race bringing me a sense of accomplishment, it has brought me a sense of failure. So it's time for a change. I've found that with running it's always evolving. I suppose it's time for the next chapter.

Wow, yeah.. these last few weeks have really been a roller coaster.  If you've been anywhere near me then you know that I trained all Summer for a marathon then to decide it just wasn't for me this year. So I quickly registered for a Half Marathon on the 26th since the one that I wanted to do this past weekend was sold out.

Well, in addition to deciding that I need to take a break from racing, I am also injured. I knew it felt that my hamstring/butt area was really sore. But after my big race weekend at the end of September where I really pushed myself on the pace, I knew I was injured. And well, I'm still injured. I'm pretty sure that I've pulled a hamstring.

Since the FB post above, I have started back running.  I've been keeping my runs short and on the treadmill. Except for yesterday I took my run outside for the first time. And, well it was super tender, and there was pain in the afternoon with walking. Once I stretch the hamstring then the pain subsides with walking. But I'm keeping the runs short with rest days in between.

This past year of running has been the worst year of running for me... well... ever I think. And it's really taking a toll on me emotionally, but it's time to move on to the next chapter.

So, I'm here to tell you what the 'next chapter' is..... drum roll please.... as of last week, I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit program (except I'm not doing the food part. I know if I want to see great results that it takes the nutrition also. But baby steps here people, baby steps). And week one I was super pumped. This week it was a little harder to stay motivated, but today's workout is done.

And I'm happy to report that I am moving up in the weights. Today was back and biceps.

And I've been doing some research and I bought the book Run Less Run Faster

And I have to say that I'm liking the concept. So I think this is going to be part of my Next Chapter once I am healed. The focus is on 3 key runs a week, two days of cross training, and then 2 days of rest. 

I'm still digesting this last chapter of running this year and trying to learn from it. I'm definitely ready to close the book on this last year of running.

Follow me into the Next Chapter :-)

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  1. I will have to pass this along to my son. He runs almost every day! Thanks much!


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