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My Sugar Detox Journey Days 1-3

Well, I thought I would let you know how this week has gone. If you read my last post (My Addiction To Sugar) then you know that this week was my attempt at giving up sugar for the week.

For some (like Hubby who doesn't have a problem with sugar), he really couldn't wrap his head around the struggle. He seems to enjoy his vices in moderation which I am very thankful for.

Whether you believe that sugar is a drug, or whatever your thoughts, the following is my journey this week.

Day 1

Well, today you aren't supposed to really have any 'symptoms' other than maybe out of habit or emotionally wanting something sweet. You aren't really supposed to have any physical symptoms. By 10am, I was a bear. I was beyond irritable. I had a headache, felt a little nausea, and wanted all things sweet. I think the reality really hit me that by this time of the day most days I had consumed at least 1 thing sweet. So whether it was 'normal' or not to crave something sweet, I was. To help combat this, I ate sliced almonds (protein) and drank lots of water. By evening the cravings were pretty bad, and I was dealing with some stress. More than once I had the thoughts of just giving up and going to get something sweet. I tried to convince myself to 'start tomorrow'. When the truth was I'm always saying I will 'start tomorrow'. But that tomorrow needs to become today. I had several moments of weakness, but I did not consume anything sweet.

Day 2

Preschool day where the cute little cafe at school has all kinds of awesome treats - today was cookie brownie and they were loaded with chocolate chips. My mouth is watering as I type this. Usually I will have a little treat with Lil Man, drop him off and head to the local coffee shop for a sugary specialty coffee. Today, I skipped the treat at school. Went to the coffee shop and had black coffee. I'm not going to lie, sitting at the table surrounded by the smell of pastries, baked goods and sugary coffees wasn't easy. But I was armed with my almonds in case I needed them, and I sipped my coffee as I worked on the computer. After lunch I was feeling the urge for something sweet. After meals are usually pretty tough. So I made a cup of green tea. It seemed to help curb the cravings. And I drank more water. I've peed so much today that it's unreal (ha). While usually afternoon is my worse time of the day, at 3pm I'm having zero cravings for sweets. I have noticed if the cravings were really bad that a glass of milk would help. I know that milk has natural sugar, but it also has protein. No, I'm not drinking milk by the gallon, but I have found a glass of milk has helped. The evening was harder, but so far I'm staying strong. I have to admit this isn't easy. I definitely reach for sugar out of stress or frustration. I've been taking a lot of deep breaths!

Day 3

I woke up today with a headache and felt awful. I'm not going to sugar coat it (no pun intended) but today has been rough. I'm cranky. I'm sluggish. And I feel achy. I've checked my temperature twice. Granted my son has had a little cold so it's possible that I'm coming down with something. But I don't feel so great. Cravings have been pretty rough today. But the cravings did get a little less by the end of the day. However, overall feeling cruddy has gotten worse. 

But so far I've made it 3 days without sugar. 

However, I am considering adding natural (fruit) sugars back tomorrow. I miss fruit, and I mean a lot. I wanted an apple so bad today. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm thinking fruits might return to my diet tomorrow. But I don't plan to add breads or processed foods with sugar for at least another week or so. 

I will say that my joints are less swollen, and that my range of motion in my fingers have increased. 

The journey continues.... 

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  1. Not sure if the last one went through, but don't eat natural sugars unless the plan calls for it.

  2. Found you through top mommy blogs. Love that you're doing a sugar detox. was considering the same but i love fruits a lot. Cant wait to see how it goes for you. What program/plan are you using?

    1. And... I didn't make it past day 4.. sigh... trying again but keeping fruits this go around!


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