2 Medals In 2 Weekends Take 2

I don't know if you remember this, or for any new followers out there, last year I did the Double Header 2 half marathons in 2 days. I did it with a friend and it was so much fun. So we both signed up to do it again. She got injured at Boston, and wasn't able to do both races this year. 

I was still registered and decided to do both. The Bird-in-Hand Half marathon is an awesome race. It's well organized. It's beautiful, and I can't say enough about it. But this year it was hot - very hot - felt like Africa hot (ok.. never been but guessing). And I still decided that I wanted to try to 'race' it since I wasn't able to do my June half that I was registered for. 

Well, things didn't turn out as I had hoped. In fact, it was one of the most defeating Half Marathons I have done. I think I finished around 2:29, but it was the overall feeling of defeat from about mile 2.5. I got chills at mile 5, and at that point I knew that I was really done. It was more of a walk/shuffle for a lot of the race. But mentally, overall, it was not fun. Nothing about it was fun and that was more disappointing to me than a timed goal. In fact, after the race, in addition to being sick in a portapotty, I also wound up crying for quite some time. In fact, I wasn't sure at that time if I would attempt Half Marathon #2 the following day. 

(Me, trying not to cry after the finish) 

But since I was already registered, and I knew that there would be a lot of people from my running group, River Runners, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.. 

The weather on Sunday was much much different than the weather on Saturday. It was much cooler with less humidity. And really I felt pretty good except for around mile 4ish my stomach started bothering me. So I stopped at a portapotty and was there for 4 minutes. Yep, 4 minutes wasted. And so I thought I might just walk the rest of the race. It was a beautiful day and I thought I would just enjoy the scenery. But then I realized, well, that's a really long way to walk, and it's going to take a really long time. 

So I started running. And then I realized I could probably still come close to my original goal of 2:20 for the day. And well, I wasn't far off. I came in at 2:22 and some change. According to my garmin, my run time was 2:18. But it wasn't about the time on Sunday as much as it felt like I was running strong. Saturday's run - there didn't feel anything strong about it - or positive. But Sunday felt much stronger mentally and physically. 

So, I did it again. 2 Medals in 2 Days. Would I do it again? Yeah, if I have friends doing it. But I would much rather do it as a 'fun' run verses a race type thing. 

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  1. WOAH! 2 halves in 2 days? I know that was a killer. I do one half and I'm out for the next week. But good for you and this accomplishment! That's good stuff right there!


    1. Thank you... I'm super sore today and stairs are not my friend right now ha

  2. You are awesome! I saw the photo on Instagram of your medals and was stunned you did both! Great job!

  3. So amazing and I still can't believe you managed harrisburg after BIH. Hope to see you around :)


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