I Walkadoo, Do You? The Smart Step Pebble® Device.

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I didn't really know what to expect when I heard about the Walkadoo. I admit that I thought the name was catchy. But I couldn't help but wonder if it was just another 'tracking' device. But I was curious to check it out.

The Walkadoo is not just a pedometer. Instead, it uses an algorithm to push daily goals based on your daily walking patterns. The theory is that it sets realistic goals for each individual. And the Smart Step Pebble Device is a durable waterproof device that can hold up to 21 days of activity. The data syncs wirelessly through the USB SyncPoint. The pebble doesn't need to be charged and comes with an extra battery that lasts up to a year. So, what did I think?

I got my device and popped in the USB SyncPoint (no problems there). But when I went to download the software, I hit a little snafu. My anti-virus software flagged it as malware. I sent a quick email to customer support. I didn't expect to hear from them for a couple of days. I was surprised that I got a response by the next day. They were not aware of the problem but began working on it. And by the next day, they had already contacted my anti-virus provider who confirmed it was a false positive. I was given a confirmation email from my anti-virus provider along with step by step information on how to install the file. I was very pleased with tech support and their quick response to resolve my issue.

I installed the file and within minutes I was good to go. The next day I attached the Smart Step Pebble to my shoe. I was a little nervous. I was afraid I would lose it on my run. But I knew that if I was going to truly test the product that I needed to truly test the product. And it stayed on great. I didn't have to adjust it. It didn't tug on my laces. In fact, I forgot it was there. It's so small and compact that it fits nicely on my shoe or on my waistband of my shorts when I'm at home and not wearing shoes. One thing to remember, is that you can forget it's there - so make sure to remove it from your shoe or pants (especially before doing the laundry!).

As far as waterproof goes, Lil Man and I rode the Coal Cracker water ride at Hershey Park. My feet were submerged in water. I gasped "Oh no, my pebble!". But it was fine. So yes, it's waterproof.

Syncing was extremely easy. I opened the app and it syncs automatically. In fact (I'll have to test this out) but I think it will sync without opening the app. But I'll have to test this to be sure.

So far my experience with the Walkadoo the Smart Step Pebble® Device has been a positive one. Over the new few weeks I'll see how it impacts my daily exercise.

Do you think it will make me move more?

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. i have heard all kinds of good things about this tracker, good luck to you

  2. This sounds like a great product. Good luck!

  3. Am in the market for these kinds of products. Will take a look at it. Thanks.

  4. I so need something like this! I've used pedometers before, but always end up bumping into something & resetting them (grrrr!).

  5. What a neat gadget, I have never seen anything like this before!

  6. It started out great - worked great and was great to track my progress - but after one week it stopped syncing. No help from customer support,


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