Will I Be Ready? 4 Weeks Until My 1st Race Post Injury

In 4 short weeks, I plan to attempt my first race post-marathon (I Gave Up During My 2nd Marathon), and my first race post injury. Will I be ready? I can give a whole hardheartedly, I think so :)

Training seems to be coming along nicely. I've have a little difficulty hitting some of the 'target' paces for my training runs. And last week I hurt my back carrying some coal while Hubby was out of town. So yesterday's long run (my farthest since injury) was a little difficult as I could feel my back. But, I'm happy to report that the training plan called for 7 miles at a 9:30 pace and I did it.

My left knee is bugging me a little. I felt it tighten during yesterday's run, and I had to stop to stretch. So we are watching that. My trainer has suggested we may have to take down the speed a little. We'll see what happens tomorrow during tomorrow's 4 miler. 

I don't know about you or where you are from, but running in this bitter cold hasn't been easy. With temps forecast for 0 or below, I believe I will take tomorrow's 4 miler to the treadmill.  

I'm curious to see how the knee feels, and how the calf reacts. I guess there's only one way to find out. If you are looking for me early tomorrow morning, you will find me on my treadmill while Lil Man and hubby are eating breakfast. 

Call me crazy, but I love 'training'. 

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  1. I feel so bad for people who are dealing with this horrible winter! I hope it warms up for you soon!

    1. Thanks.. yes.. it sure has been one to remember! :) I feel for my friends training for Spring marathons.

  2. I'm sooo ready for spring and warmer temps!!
    Hope your knee feels fine!! Great run btw!! :)
    Voted for you! ;)

  3. It's been very hard this winter, I have to admit, last year's marathon training season was not as bad. There were some cold runs, but this year it seems never-ending. The 7 mile run at 9:30 was a good one for you post injury! Hopefully the knee issue was just a niggle and nothing comes of it. Fingers crossed and I'm rooting for you!


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