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YAHOO! I Did It!

I am actually a little shocked that I did it. Ok, let me back up a little. As you know, I'm coming back from injury (I Took A Step, Felt the Pull, And Then the Pain), and things have been progressing nicely. I'm working with a trainer who is keeping me in check. (Yeah, we all know someone needs to)

So, at first, I just wanted to run the entire 10 Mile race in March. But as things are progressing, the truth is I really want to reach a timed goal. I discussed this with my trainer, and she's cautious as she doesn't want to risk re-injury. But on Tue she gave me a little test run to see how I tolerated a faster pace with my breathing. I did ok. So for today's run, she told me to run 3 miles at an 8:30 pace. Gulp. See, that's pretty much my PR for a 5K. I was excited to try. But I was also a little nervous. Because honestly, I really didn't know if I could do that. I mean, I've been running on the treadmill, and treadmill paces (even with a 1% incline) isn't exactly the same as outside. The surface is harder which my leg isn't a fan of. It's colder outside than in my basement. And today there was ice. But I knew this was a test run to see where I was and to see if a timed goal might be possible for the 10 miler if things keep progressing.

But on the way to dropping Lil Man off at preschool, I noticed some of the road was less icy than others. So I drove back to that area and started running from there. After my warm up walk, I took off running. At a quarter mile I was in the 7's pace so I slowed up. I was constantly having to look at my garmin because it's been awhile since I've run hard, and I couldn't judge my pace.

I had to stop the watch once for traffic (which also honestly gave me a little breather). And I didn't hit 8:30 right on the dot, but I got an 8:34 pace for 3 miles. And for that I am beyond excited.

I'm not really sure what realistic place my trainer has in mind for my 10 mile race. We haven't discussed it. I just know that for this Saturday's run before my long run on Sunday, she wants me to run 3 miles at a 9 minute pace. And I am basking in the after glow of an awesome run today. 

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  1. Wow! That's awesome AND inspirational, Amy!!! :) Denise

    1. Thank you.. I"m super super pleased and surprised. So far no 'pain' in the calf. We'll see what tomorrow brings. But thankfully tomorrow is a rest day ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you... now let's hope I can get better with distance ha

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think I danced a little jig once I finished :)

  4. That is excellent news. Gives me hope one my injury clears. Well done :-)

  5. So exciting Amy! That's great! Your muscles remember what they are doing and you will bounce back stronger than ever. I have only run faster after my injuries :) elite or not, your body remembers :)


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