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I don't know about where you live, but here we've had one really brutally cold and quite snowy winter. As you know I'm coming back from injury, so the majority of my runs have been on the treadmill. But my trainer suggested that I get outside at least once a week for a run. I know that the difference in surface is important.

I will run in the cold. But through my Winters here, I have learned that the right gear can make all of the difference in the world.

So on a 19 degree (feels like 8) morning, I took my Respect Your Universe endurance jacket out for a test run.

There were several features about this jacket that I really liked. First, it has thumb holes (yahoo). Second, you can zip it up to where it will cover your nose/mouth (super score for really cold days). One thing to keep in mind though is to tie the strings into a bow or something that will shorten the strings (otherwise they will bounce around and drive you crazy). It also has pockets which are actually big enough to hold an iPhone which impressed me. I liked the material. And I liked that it had venting. Overall, this jacket was a big score for me. Since my 'test' run, I've run with it every time I've been outside this year. I now consider it one of my essential pieces. I also believe that in addition to super cold weather, I will also be able to wear it during mild weather.. 

Next, I tested the Respect Your Universe's  bra and capris. (As not to cause mass panic and screaming that your eyes are burning, I elected not to take a photo of me actually wearing the product). But I will assure you that I did wear them and test them. 

The bra - the fit was great. I have a tendency for some bras to ride up, but this bra stayed put. I did kickboxing and weight training, and I didn't have to adjust it once. I also like that it had slight padding or thicker material. And it didn't give me the 'uniboob' look. So this will definitely be a bra that I reach for on cross-training days. However, I don't think that it provided enough support, for me as I am really blessed in that area, for running. But overall, I was well pleased with the product,

The capris - they were simply adorable. I loved the design. I loved the length. They even had a little pocket in the waistband that would hold a small ipod, key, cash etc. They were a little snug on me in the waist. But I think I just needed a slightly larger size. I don't think they necessarily 'run' small. I think that I just needed one size up. But no worries, my belly baby is toning down and soon they will fit without being too snug in the waist area as they fit everywhere else. I will definitely use these for running, yoga, cross-training and the list goes on and on.

Overall, of the three Respect Your Universe products that I tried, I loved them all. And I would like to pass on to you a coupon code that is good until 3/31/14. It is good for 15% off full priced items. Just use MRSGLASS15 at check out here

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. Love the jacket and the capris! I love that the jacket can cover the mouth, that is so important on cold days!

    1. Yeah, when I put it on.. I was like.. score! Cause then when I warmed up I could unzip it or re-zip as needed.

  2. That jacket looks amazing and I was just thinking about looking for a product that I can use to run in the winter because the weather in NY is horrible, but I agree with you the difference between the treadmill and running outside is so different and I need to know the get out there and run.


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