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No One Said Post-Recovery Would Be Easy, Or Fun, And Definitely Not Fast

I waited with anticipation, like waiting for the pregnancy test to say negative or positive. Ok, so maybe not that dramatic, but still I was on pins and needles with excitement waiting to get my running recovery plan. 

And then the email came..... and.... in 3 weeks I am up to running 3 miles without walking. WHAT?!? No, surely I didn't read that right. I missed something. Nope, that's what it said. At first I was super disappointed. Surely this isn't right. But then I started looking over the plan. And I realized that my trainer has me doing something toward healing, getting stronger, being a better runner, every day.

So I took a step back and realized that she's right. She prefaced the plan with the following message "It's better to keep it pain free than to make it too hard and re-injure the muscle" (Elizabeth DeSousa, Personal Design Fitness). So I'm going to trust the process, trust the plan, and trust my trainer. I know it's my responsibility to listen to my body, to stop a workout if needed,  and to let her know if I'm having pain so that she can modify. 

And once I got over the initial disappointment, I was excited to have a plan of action. And although my running might not be significantly increasing, my level of activity will be. I will be cross training 3 times per week, strength training 3 times per week, running 3 times per week, and walking 1 day a week. (Of course all of this is contingent on being pain free etc).

I'm hoping for a March 10 mile race. I was given a 'maybe' if I continue to be pain free. And instead of being devastated that I might miss some Spring races, I'm excited at the fact of becoming an overall  healthier person and stronger runner. (remind me of this if I have a set back)

Yesterday, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Normally it would have been a rest day. Today, I could feel the calf just a little and stopped to stretch twice. But I got in 3.5 miles today (2 miles running). 

It sure feels good to sweat again. 

Slow and steady.... slow and steady... 

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  1. Exciting!!! Better doing some activity than doing nothing, right? And it means you're getting healthier!

  2. A plan of action is a VERY good thing. Take it slow, and you'll be back to normal soon!

  3. Same thing for me when I first got my plan! SLOW pace and LOW mileage. But I want to do it right this time, and heal correctly, so I trust the process <3 Slow and Sexy!!


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