Injured Runner On The Slow Road To Recovery

Whoever said that recovering from a calf injury was a slow process wasn't lying. I had 3, that's right, not one but 3 stress fractures "in the worst possible place" (quoting the dr) a couple of years ago. And it was nothing compared to this. Honestly, the pain was minimal compared to this 'mild calf strain'. Maybe I've gone soft in my older years, but I'm sure thankful this wasn't a moderate or severe strain, because I've complained more about this mild calf strain than I probably have anything else in my life. (Yeah, it's starting to rank right up there with post labor recovery). 

As I mentioned in a previous post Stop the Press - Injured Runner Runs Again, I'm doing a walk/run recovery plan. 

I was told that I needed to take at least one workout a week outside. Well if you've been aware of the weather, you will know that it's COLD. I asked Hubby last night if we moved to the Antarctic. 

I took Tuesday's workout outside before the snow hit. I actually love running once there is snow on the ground, but the thoughts of wind chills sub zero made me quickly decide to hit the streets before the weather arrived. 

I don't mind (ok, I'm not a HUGE fan, but I can tolerate) running in the cold. I wasn't too thrilled to be walking. But I sucked it up by telling myself that I get to run 1.25 miles (my farthest run post injury). 

It felt great to be out there. My calf however wasn't a huge fan of the cold temps and the harder surface. Even with the walk for the first half mile, I could feel every step. The run actually felt a little better than the walk. But I came home, strapped on my ice and wore compression for most of the day.

The following day I could still feel it when doing stair steps and occasionally walking, but it was a 'rest' day. (I wound up doing 113 push ups, but that's another blog post some day - I came across this really cool app :) But I did rest the leg. 

Today, the plan called for a 40 minute walk. Well, it was still single digit temps, and I didn't even bother to check the wind chill. This girl was staying inside on the treadmill. Mentally I had to push through a few times - boring!! But then I had to remind myself: 

The road to recovery sure is a slow one, but I am thankful I'm at least 'on the road' or in today's case 'on the mill'. 

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  1. You'll get there! Don't worry. :)

    113 pushups! Wow. If I'm really focused, I can sometimes make it to 10. Would like to hear more about this app you mentioned.

    1. It's the Runtastic Push-up app.. I kept doing level after level. I'm STILL sore :)

  2. I agree it's awesome you did so many push-ups! How long did it take you? That's something I need to improve. I've never had good upper body strength. The most "real" push-ups I've ever done in a row was 30 in two minutes. One of my goals this year is to do more strength training.

    1. That's one downside to this app.. it has you rest in between the sets, but the rest is way too long for me so I skipped the rest on some of it. So I'm not really sure how long the 'actual' push ups took. I did 71 today (I was sore for days after the first time I did the app ha)


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