Stop The Press - Injured Runner Runs Again!

I did it.... I walked 2 miles, took a day off and then ... I ran... woo hoo.. I ran a mile. I was starting to feel a little pain by the end, and I felt a little pain with walking afterward. So I immediately iced and kept compression on the entire day.

I was able to walk yesterday without pain which was a great sign that I hadn't overdone it. I took a rest day yesterday. And then today I walked a half mile, ran a mile at 10 minute pace and walked another half mile. So that's 2 miles for today. 

I didn't want to do the walk/run thing for my recovery plan, but after talking it over with my trainer, I decided to heed  her advice and follow her plan. And I'm glad that I did. Today I wanted to keep running when my 1 mile was up, but I followed the plan; switched it to a walk, and  I believe this will be the best way to get me back to where I want to be without re-injury. Of course I still have to listen to my body. If something hurts I need to stop. But it sure feels good to get on the treadmill again. 

I haven't tried an outside walk/run yet. I wanted to see how my calf responds to softer surfaces first. My treadmill has the flex-deck, and it's usually easier on my legs. But I do plan to get outside this upcoming week. 

All smiles here :) 

Lil Man and I celebrated with some fro yo.

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  1. Congrats! I gotta try that one day. I'm still too scared to try running again...

    1. Yeah, I"m glad I'm doing the walk/run. I think in the long run it will be best.

  2. Hey fellow injured runner! Catch me up to speed. What happened to your calf?
    I hurt my butt/high hamstring about 6 months ago and as of today it is still not better. I go to Physical Therapy, but she thinks I need a cortizone shot in the hiney. OUCH haha.. anyway, I was injured when trying to do intervals of walking and sprinting. I was told not to go over a mile, too, and I feel ya! It's hard to stop when your body tell you it wants to keep going! I hope you feel better each day! I'd love to keep up with you and see how your progress goes!

    1. I'll attach a post that will catch you up.. but the cliff notes version is that I have a mild tear in my calf. (Just finished a marathon Nov 10) Uh oh to your injury.. hope it gets better soon. 6 months is a long time!

  3. I love to read "injured runner runs again!" Even one mile feels amazing!

    What number is your blog? I'd be happy to vote for you :)

    1. All you have to do is click on the 'vote for me' and it will automatically give me a vote. My ranking number changes daily depending on how many votes I get.


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