Only The Lonely - Life Of An Injured Runner

Being injured is lonely. First of all, no one but you know exactly how it feels. You are the only one that's literally feeling the pain and the emotional anguish. Other people may identify (if they've been there before), but at that moment, you are the one 'dealing' with it. 

And then, if most of your friends are 'runners' or active people, and if the only time you really saw those people was during running or activities, then it's especially lonely when you are the one not participating anymore. People move on, find other running partners and friends, and you aren't necessarily 'forgotten' but you are no longer a part. And mentally, that can be tough.  

And this week has been an especially trying week. In addition to my own physical and mental pain, Lil Man is sick... bad sick. I've never heard his cough be this deep and rough before. After puking up green mucus today, we took him to the DR. We were told it's viral, and I'm hoping it's short lived. 

But the afternoon turned into a puke fest. Our washer is in the basement. Puke was in 3 different rooms as was the laundry. I managed to get it down stairs and the puke somewhat cleaned up. But my leg is throbbing, and I'm definitely not resting it. I don't know what that will mean for my recovery. 

I just know that this has been one long not so pleasant week. Hoping things are about to look up and that Hubby, and I aren't next ;). 

Even though I haven't been able to get to the gym because Lil Man is sick, I have been doing what I can do at home. Lil Man has been unbelievably clingly, so it hasn't been easy to sneak in workouts. 

But today I managed a total of 75 push-ups (which isn't too shabby for me) and a few arms weights. So I'm trying to shift my focus to what I can do instead of what I can't. But I won't sugar coat it. This isn't fun. At this moment, none of this is fun. But I will get through it, and hopefully in some ways I will be stronger. 

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  1. Amy....hang in there! My little guy had the same thing earlier in the week. It was rough, but I can't imagine that on top of being injured. I will be keeping you in the thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery!

    1. Thanks.. he is better thank goodness. Hubby and I have it now :)


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