I'm Giving Away Some Happiness For Your Taste-buds - Yum Yum Gum Review/Giveaway

As you know, I have a massive sweet tooth. And what a great way to curb that sometimes is with gum. But regular flavor gum can still sometimes leave me searching for something sweet. Well how about brownie flavored gum? Or orange cream-sicle? Or buttered popcorn? I know right?!? But I have to say it tasted exactly like the flavor it was supposed to be. And with only 3 calories, I could indulge in a brownie tasting gum instead of a brownie. I have to say I was impressed with the flavors and the variety. Have you heard of Yum Yum Gum? Well they offer over 101 flavors of sugar free gum. 

This sugar free gum does not contain aspartame. Instead it has xylitol which is endorsed by the American Dental Association. So this is a great gum for children. In fact, that's how the company got started. It came from the desire of wanting to be able to give a product to their children that they could feel good about. 

In addition to great fun flavors, the gum is reasonably priced. You can order online at YumYumGum.Com

And because I was so impressed with this gum, I would like to do a giveaway so that someone else can make their taste-buds happy. One lucky winner (sorry, U.S. residents only) will get a sample variety of flavors of Yum Yum Gum. Make your mouth happy and enter below. The giveaway ends January 3, 2014. 

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Full Disclosure: This is a compensated  post by Yum Yum Gum. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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