National Running Challenge

National Running Challenge.. have you heard of it? Well I hadn't until just this last week, and finally just had a a chance to check it out. The general concept is sign up (it's free), submit your race results, and win. According to the website, 15% of runners who enter will win a prize. 

I just checked my standings, and I'm 72 on the list :( Unfortunately the contest began on 9/14/13 so it missed my double weekend of Half Marathons. But it felt pretty cool to record my marathon (even if I'm still not happy about my results). And if I get in some December races, I can enter those as well. 

It was interesting to see that there were a lot more females listed than males. Do you think it's because more females are running? Or simply that more females signed up for the service? 

Either way, I wanted to tell ya'll about it, especially for you crazy folks who have recently run back-to-back Marathons. They also have a Facebook Page - National Running Challenge

I do see that they only go up to Marathons for points. I don't plan on running any Ultras, but I know some of you do. So it's something that I'm going to mention to them... a point system for ultras might also be a nice addition.  

I signed up... looks like a fun concept... maybe you should join me. 

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