Dare I Say I'm Ready To Run?

It's been about a week since I decided that I needed a little break (That Marathon Really Took A Toll On Me Emotionally). And focusing on strength training (as crazy as it sounds) I think was exactly what I needed. Well, that and the running streak 
When I wanted to cut my reps short during strength training, I reminded myself that I wasn't a quitter, that to get results I needed to push through my comfort zone and finish the set. And so far that's what I've done. (even on the triceps push-ups which I am terrible at!) 
I'm starting week 2 of strength training. My plan is to do it faithfully for a month and hope that it becomes a habit. I'm also hoping that in some ways I will notice a little difference in muscle tone. I know that it probably won't be drastic, but I'm hoping for at least a little change to encourage me to continue on with strength training. 
And doing the running streak has kept me running without feeling that I needed to run longer.The first few days running a mile was all that I wanted to do. And it wasn't too overwhelming that I didn't want to do it. By the 4th day or so, I didn't want to stop at a mile. I did (because I'm trying to give the knee a break), but mentally I was ready to do more. Yesterday, I ran 2 at a faster pace. And I could really tell how much fitness that it feels that I have lost since I haven't done any cardio in about 10 days. 
But, I'm ready to run. Wow, it feels good to say that. Because, truthfully, I was a little worried that I'd never want to run again. Or that it would be a really really long time before the desire would be back. But I'm ready to run.. 
I still kept it at a mile today. I'm a little unsure about tomorrow. But I plan to take my first run outside this Sunday. I don't expect to go long.. maybe only 3-4 miles. It will be my first run in the cold. So I will have to get use to the cold, plus running longer than a mile.
But I want to run... (big smiles) 

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  1. Yippee!!! You found your running-jo!

    1. Yes, I believe I have. Tomorrow will be a better test for the knee when I take it outside in the cold weather.


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