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Toys, Toddler, Treadmills Oh My!

Well, it was bound to happen.... I'm just hoping it's short-lived and not re-occurring as the Marathon is less than 4 weeks away! Less than 4 weeks away.. YIKES!  Yep, Lil Man got a cold which he so generously shared with me.

This past weekend was horrible weather. I will run in the rain, and have on many many occastions. But we got around 9-11 inches of rain here, and it was super windy. And because I ran my 20 a little too hard, it took me longer to recover and I missed some midweek runs, I really wanted to get my long run in.

So, I took to the treadmill. Yep, I said the treadmill. I ran 12 very boring, almost stopped at 9 and called it quits, but pushed through until I was FINALLY finished with 12 miles..

And yes, I patted myself on the back a little for this one. I know people who have run much farther and do it quite often, but long runs on the treadmill are not fun for me. I've watched movies. I've watched sitcoms. I've listened to music. I've tried virtual tours. But basically anything over 4, especially over 6 miles, is just plain dreadful to me. But I got it done. 

Now to the current situation - the head cold. I just wasn't feeling getting up super early on Monday to try to get my 5 mile run in. So at first, I was just going to skip it for the day. But then I thought maybe, just maybe Lil Man will cooperate and let me get a few miles in. I've never had him downstairs with the treadmill while I was running. My fear is that he will try to touch the moving belt (which he's tried to do before when just walking through with my husband). But I explained to him that he couldn't touch it while I was running, and I put clothes baskets around the treadmill to at least give me time to stop the belt before he could get to it. I put on Kipper the Dog (his favorite show), pulled out tons of toys and started running. 

I knew that I would only get about 3 mile, and I decided to push the pace a little since I wouldn't be able to run my scheduled 5. All in all the run went ok. I averaged around a 9:11 pace was I felt was decent. And once I was finished, Lil Man clapped for me and yelled... "yeah!" :) 

I have my last (18-20) miler this weekend, and then the tapering begins. Let's hope this cold passes quickly and we all stay well for the next 4 weeks! 

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  1. Way to go on the treadmill! My longest treadmill run was 8 miles and I thought I was going to have to die of boredom.

    1. So far my longest has been 14 but it seems like these LR on the treadmill take FOREVER!!

  2. OMG 12 miles on the treadmill? That's great. I did 4 yesterday and I wanted to cry, I was so bored!

    1. Yeah, there have been some days that I barely made it through a 3 miler


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