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Are You Hung Up On A Number?

After I ran my 18 for this training plan, I thought... you know.. just maybe. After I ran my first 20, I thought this is a real possibility. And ever since then I've become increasingly nervous about 'the number'. You know, the one you want to beat, the one you want to hit, the pace you need to maintain, the pace that if you go slower than that you will watch 'the number' slip away.

And as I'm 2 weeks away from the Marathon, my focus and nervous energy has been directed toward that 'number'. Do I think I could hit it? Yes, why yes I do if everything fell into place.. if my stomach cooperated, if my knee pain doesn't kick in, if my calves don't cramp, if I fuel properly, if I'm hydrated adequately but not over hydrated that peeing every 5 minutes is an issue, if I'm not overly or under dressed, if my head is in the right head space, if I'm not on my period, if my shoe doesn't come untied and the list can go on and on. But yes, I really do believe that it is quite possible that I could reach 'the number'.

I know you are curious. So just what is my number? My first marathon was close to 6 hours. I honestly do not want to run 6 hours again!! So I would like to beat my first time, but I would really like to come in under 5. And my really hopeful number is somewhere between 4:45-4:49. I'm scared to even put that out there, but I do believe that is obtainable if everything (listed above and then some) fell into place.

But today as I was putting something in my car, I noticed my 26.2 sticker (yes I'm one of those), and I was wearing my 26.2 necklace (yes, I'm one of those too) I realized.. WOW in 2 weeks I'm running a marathon. And I realized I need to re-direct my energy to the fact that I am running a marathon, not that I'm trying to reach (or not reach) a certain 'number'.

The end result will be the end result. And either I will make 'the number' or I won't. But unless something unforeseen happens, I will be running my 2nd marathon and regardless of the time clock, to me that's a very big deal (I reference the sticker and marathon jewelry).

And for the first time, I got more excited about the marathon verses nervous.


  1. A number is just that. I vote don't worry about it, and you'll be more likely to surprise yourself. At least that's kind of my plan for my marathon in 5 weeks. It will be my 3rd, but my second was 10 years ago, so it's kinda like my first. Again. I'm nervous, but plan to just take it one step at a time. Lol.

  2. I started getting excited/nervous about my first full this week..Sunday I will be a marathon runner :)

  3. Woo Hoo... You will do awesome I'm sure!!! And I'm looking forward to welcoming you the club!


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