Speed Work and Hills

Hello early mornings - it's me again. Yep, I was up before sunrise to hit the track this week.I haven't worked on speed work in awhile, and I have to admit that it's my favorite. Yes, I love pushing myself to the brink of vomit. But I think I like it because it's short and quick. It's easier for me to see the 'end'. In a long run I have a harder time getting thrilled about 'just 8 more miles to go'. But with speed work, I can tell myself just a few more times around the track. Tuesday's workout was supposed to be 4x800's. I would up doing 6x800's. And my first one was about a 7:40 pace with the second begin 8:20. For me that is great. I messed up my watch on the rest of the laps so I'm not sure what those were.

Today I did hills and I mean hills. My lungs and legs were on fire. I've yet to run this entire route without walking some of it. My goal is to be able to run this route by the end of the year. But my overall pace today was 10:08. Again this is good for me, especially on this route.

I have a 10 miler on the books this weekend. And I'm not sure how I'm going to get my runs in for the next few weeks. Turkey season opens this weekend and Hubby will be hunting. But I'll figure it out.

So, to my blogger friends (the one or two of you who read this ;) how's the running going?


  1. Running is on a 1-2 week break for me. Sounds like you are getting back in gear well after your marathon! I'm opting to take this time to heal my foot and do a mental down, but I can tell I'm going to start itching to get back to running soon. I need to get out to hills myself!

    1. Yes, I took a week off also. And I walked A LOT of the race so my recover was less than if I had run more of it. So I suppose there is a positive side to having a 6 hour marathon time (ha).

      Hope the foot heals quickly!


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