Confidence Is Wavering

Today's run was cold with a very strong wind. The first three miles were fairly decent. But somewhere around mile 6ish things started falling apart. My stomach did not want to cooperate. My legs were shot.

For several miles, the snow was falling which was pretty neat. It made for a pretty run. But then the winds really picked up. And running down by the River was tough with the winds.

But between the stomach issues and the extremely tired/heavy legs, this 16 miler turned into a 14 miler. My confidence is starting to be shaken a little. I have very few Long Runs left. Actually, I have about 3 to be exact. So I'm really hoping that the next few weeks of running helps me get my confidence back.

The Marathon date is fast approaching...


  1. Bad runs always lead to good runs! Good luck!

    1. I sure hope so, because it seems like my last few have been rough ones! :)

  2. Today was an off day..the next run will be better! And really its not like you sat at home watching TV :)


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