Cross-Training Is Essential

Note to self, when trying out a new gym, don't tell the instructor that you are training for a marathon. I simply told her because I wanted her to be aware that I was cautious about injury. I was not trying to imply that I was in great shape or that I wanted to do ton of squats and lunges.

I was supposed to do an early morning class at a local gym today, but they called me yesterday to inform me that my class didn't make and was being cancelled. This threw me into a frenzy trying to find something to fill the void in my workout schedule.

Yes, I know there are more important things in life. Yes, I know that it isn't that big of a deal. But not only am I training for my first marathon, but I'm also trying to tone up my core and upper body. I'm weak in those areas. And for a runner, especially one who is wanting to run distance, it's important to be strong in those areas.

After a couple of hours of searching and asking friends for suggestions, I came upon another local gym that offered a 'pay per class' option. I suppose I should let you know that I already belong to another gym. I like that gym. The problem is that they offer very few classes that interest me.

So I tried out the 'new' gym today. I have to say that I was pretty impressed. The facility seemed nice. The people seemed friendly. And I did not expect a 5:15am class to have that many people. And come to find out, most were regulars. So either they truly don't have anything else to do at 5:15am on a Friday morning, or they really enjoy the class.

I thought the class was a good workout. It was called "Piloxing". Yep, that's right. It was a mixture between boxing and Pilates. At first I wasn't so sure. But after about fifteen minutes, I was starting to break a sweat. I could have used a few less squats as my legs were already sore from this week's runs. And I was hoping for a little more core action. And when we got to the small, thank goodness less than 2 minutes of the dance portion, I looked like a fish out of water. Not a happy look at me flopping around fish, but more of a 'quick, someone put her back into her element because she looks very uncomfortable'. But overall, I liked the class and plan to go again.

When it comes to choosing a gym, I'm realizing that you need to choose a gym that works best for you and your life. There are cheaper gyms. But they would result in longer commutes. And then there is the familiar, but it isn't offering me what I need at the moment.

So it looks like if I enjoy the classes next week. (I got a 7 Day Free Pass.) I might be switching gyms.

I'm taking another step out of my comfort zone.


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