On the Road Again...

So, I had follow up appt today. I wasn't sure what to expect since my foot was kindof sore from the hilly run on Sunday. I did manage to run 3 miles this morning before my appointment. It felt 'ok' but was tender to the touch.

During my exam, he pressed and pressed and pressed  harder and harder. I never really flinched. I could feel it. It was tender, but I told him more 'uncomfortable' over pain. It however is still a little 'uncomfortable' since this morning's exam.

I was told to stretch, stretch, stretch before and after running. Also, he advised icing immediately after my run. He also said no 'hills' for while. He thought I said could I wear heels. I was like, dr, do I look like the girl that wears heels? (Since he's never seen me in anything other than sweatpants and a racing tshirt. It's the southern accent that he didn't realize at first that I said hills. Can I do hills? :)  The answer was not for a couple of weeks.

My foot isn't 100% but I am on the road to recovery.

I told him there was a marathon I was thinking about... 16 weeks out.. training would need to start this week. He asked what my mileage was. I told him the farthest so far has been 5. I ran 3 today, plan on 5 on Thursday and 6 on Sunday. Would it be unrealistic for me to train? His answer? wait for it.. wait for it.. wait for it... "No, it wouldn't be unrealistic. Sure you can train.'. I just have to keep the mileage on the lower side, give myself rest days in between runs, and listen to my body.

I can run through slight pain. If the pain is intense - stop. If the pain gets worse and worse as the run goes on - stop. If over time I get progressively worse, then we have a problem.

If my foot is this sore on Thursday, I may cut my 5 mile run shorter so I can get my long run of 6 in on Sunday.

I realize that it's not 'ideal' to train. I'm not an idiot. But the dr in no way hesitated. Of course he has no clue how my body will truly hold up and neither do I. But I'm thinking that I'll start training. I'll stick to my plan as best as possible but keeping in mind that I might have to cut some runs short if my foot is too sore. I will cross train when I can to keep up my fitness. I will hope for a Spring Marathon, but if it doesn't work I can make that Marathon a Half. I've already asked the race director and they said yes, even on race day I can run the Half if I need to. If that's the case then I'll do the half and consider a full in the fall.

In other words, I plan to train. But I don't plan on the 'plan' ruling or dominating all of my decisions when it comes to my running. Half way through, maybe I'll decide that I want to hold off and the foot just isn't ready. Or maybe I'll decide to continue on. But I have been given the green light to train.

And here I go...


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