Here We Go Again

This time it will be different... training that is. As I mentioned previously, the first time around was very complicated. I was seeking approval, acceptance, friendship, a place to belong...

This time I'll be training for different reasons. It will be more about pushing myself, watching myself reach new goals, reaching small accomplishments and becoming a stronger me. I think in a way, it might also be a little harder. Partly because, well duh, it's winter. The thought of bundling up and heading out into the cold really doesn't seem appealing to me. And partly because there is a big chance I will be doing this mostly on my own. I below to a great group called the River Runners, and usually there are weekly runs. I've enjoyed the runs I've been able to run with them. The problem is that I need to do most of my long runs on Sunday. To be fair to hubby, I try to keep Saturday open so he can hunt or do things that he can't normally do on Sunday. So that leaves me running on Sunday morning, which realistically will mean that the majority of my long runs will be solo.

I tell myself that this training will make me stronger - not just physically - but emotionally. I'm someone who doesn't like hates to do things alone. So it's a little daunting to think that I will be training for a marathon solo.

But as of yesterday, I registered for the Garden Spot Village Marathon. Yep, I made it official. I'm still healing and I'm not 100% well. That being said, I have the option to do the Half, if the Full doesn't work this time. So my plan is to train for the full, but know that if a major bump comes up along the way, I can drop back to the Half and it will all be ok.

As the training begins... Will I have enough drive to push myself out the door and do it? Or will I just say forget it and stay home? Will it just be horrible out there all alone? Or will I learn to enjoy the solitude?

Stay tuned...


  1. Hey! If you want a partner, I may be able to do some of your Sunday runs with you! I haven't been running much, but I could be some company!


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