Yesterday's Run that Wasn't

I was actually a little (ok a lot) unsure about this run. But I packed up my gear and started running. It felt okish and then I started feeling some pressure 'down there' at the surgical spot. I looked at my watch. I was at .3 miles. Yes, you read that right --- .3 miles. At this point I still planned to run my 12. But as I got closer to 2 miles, I decided that I'd run 10 today. Double digits is good enough right? As I got closer to 3, I negotiated that 8 mile under these circumstances were good enough. At 4 miles, I turned around and began walking.

I didn't have the heart to powerwalk. I didn't have the heart to run/walk. In addition to the troubles 'down there', I was getting a not so great blister on my heel from new shoes that I wanted to get a test run in before the race.

It took me OVER AN HOUR to walk the 3 miles back to the car.

Defeated, depressed, and feeling overall crappy, I drove home.

This was NOT how I wanted to leave this run.

After an impromptu shopping trip, (hello, read two lines above; shopping was necessary), I decided to get a run in on the treadmill.

I ran 5 miles. It didn't feel great, but I did it. I finished the run feeling at least a sense of accomplishment.

What about the race? My plans haven't changed. I'm still planning on going. I'm still planning on running. I'm still planning on trying my best to finish. Let's just hope my mind is stronger than it was on this run yesterday.


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